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12 Best Cycling Routes in Bristol

Whether you're looking for a challenging off-road cycling adventure or a casual bike ride with stunning scenery, Bristol has more than enough to offer. Here are our top 12 cycling routes in Bristol.

Cycling is more popular than ever in the city of Bristol. As the UK’s first cycling city, Bristol is known as one of the most bike-friendly cities in Europe with cycle lanes on all major roads, as well as over 300 cycle parking spaces throughout the city.

It’s no surprise then that Bristol is home to some truly epic cycling routes. Whether you’re looking for a challenging off-road cycling adventure or a casual bike ride with stunning scenery, Bristol has more than enough to offer. Here’s EcoMove’s list of the 12 best cycling routes in Bristol.

Cycling Routes In Bristol…

Bristol Railway Path

Bristol / Bath Railway Cycling Path

One of the most famous cycling routes in the city is the Railway Cycling path between Bristol and Bath. Ideal for any rider, the path is flat and relatively straight. It’s also home to stunning scenery and if you need to stop for a rest, you’ll find plenty of riverside pubs along the way.

Bristol Frome Greenway

Frome Greenway

The Frome Greenway delivers is a perfect alternative to the Bristol/Bath cycle path. With plenty of open space and beautiful scenery, the trail itself runs through Castle Park and out to Eastville, before then looping back towards the city centre.

Bristol Oldbury Courte

Oldbury Courte Estate

Why not enjoy Oldbury Courte estate as part of your cycle route. If you cycle routes such as Frenchay, Emersons Green, Mangotsfield and Bromley Heath, you can enjoy stunning acres of woodland and natural scenery.

Bristol Ashton Courte

Ashton Courte Estate

Well known for its rough terrain and hardcore mountain bikers, this trail is ideal for advanced riders. However, Ashton Courte is also home to a dedicated bike trail that’s easy for those looking for a leisurely ride.

Bristol Liegh Woods

Leigh Woods

Close to Ashton Courte, this trail is much shorter and ideal for those looking for an action-packed mountain trail. The trail runs for 2.5 miles and is packed full of nature and wildlife. A truly exhilarating ride for the more advanced cyclists.

Bristol Harbourside

Harbourside Loop

A shorter route that is definitely worth doing, is the harbourside loop. This trail runs along both sides of Bristol’s historic harbour, with scenes of the coloured houses in Cliftonwood, The SS Great Britain and the M Shed.  You’ll also stumble upon amazing restaurants and bars.

Bristol Festival

Festival Way Cycle Path

The Festival Way Cycle Path is one of the more quiet and serene cycling routes in Bristol. This country path links Nailsea with Brisol city centre and passes through the quiet, pretty villages of Long Ashton and Flax Bouton.

Bristol Strawberry Line

Strawberry Line

The Strawberry Line is one of the most charming cycling routes in Bristol. Relatively traffic-free, this trail takes you through the beautiful Thatchers Orchards. Along the track, you can even stop for a pint at the Thatcher-owned Railway Inn.

Bristol Three Brooks

Three Brooks Nature Reserve

A short, quiet route with plenty of wildlife. The Three Brooks Nature Reserve is the perfect location for family bike rides. This location is definitely one of the most underrated cycling routes in Bristol.

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The River Avon

A chance to see Bristol as you’ve never done before. Stunning hills and wonderful views are delivered along this trail. Whilst this is one of the most beautiful cycling routes in Bristol, you will need to check the forecast for this one, as some of the track is impassable in bad weather.

Bristol River Severn

The River Severn

An incredible route that includes the Old Severn Crossing. Considered one of the most impressive cycling routes in the country, The River Severn is definitely one of the more challenging cycling routes in Bristol.

Bristol City Tour

Bristol City Tour

Finally, we have the city tour. With so many bike lanes in the city, why not create your own cycling route and explore the city at your own leisure. Explore Bristol’s streets, bars and restaurants and see historic buildings, riverside scenes and famous street art.

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