0004 Electric Bikes For Sale

Electric Bicycles

EcoMove electric bikes reset expectations, recapturing that simple joy and fun of cycling without the fuss or the price tag. Perfect for everything from the daily commute to fun outdoor escapes, our e-bikes make everyday cycling better.

0003 Niu Electric Mopeds

NIU Electric Mopeds

As the world’s leading lithium powered e-moped company, NIU created a new market category for smart electric two-wheeler vehicles. NIU’s developed a 4th generation NIU Energy™ lithium battery technology that has a longer-lasting battery life, longer range, and more lightweight that is safer and more powerful.

0002 Bicycle And Scooter Servicing

Bicycle & Scooter Servicing

Whether you use yours for fun, a daily commute or a weekly ride to the shops (or all of the above!), regular services with EcoMove ensure that you can ride frustration-free and with full confidence in your bicycle.

0000 Bicycle Parts And Accessories

Bicycle Parts & Accessories

Upgrade, Maintain and Accessorise. NewBike.Parts stocks thousands of products from top brands such as Raleigh and delivers them to the customer using next day delivery.

0001 Bicycle Rental Bristol

Bicycle Rental

EcoMove is now offering electric bike hire. Whether you’re looking to venture out for the day or require 2 wheels for a Whole week, we have fantastic electric bikes to make getting around the city easy, fun and affordable!

Trade In Your Moped

Trade-in Your Moped

Trade-in your scooter and upgrade to an electric moped! At less than 1p per mile, not only does going electric save you money but it also reduces your carbon footprint.

We handpick electric transport to suit our customer’s rides.

We don’t stock brands. We stock bikes for riders. Before stocking a product EcoMove ensures it meets our standard for affordability, quality and serviceability and matches them to specific commutes, so you can be sure you’re riding a quality bike.

No matter your situation, you’ll discover a wide selection of diverse electric bikes and mopeds at EcoMove from top brands including NIU, RaleighMutoMateHaibike and more.

E-bikes are more popular than ever with even more people investing in a set of electric wheels. If you’d like help with choosing your new e-bike, our team is at hand to help, both online and in-store.

EcoMove Bristol – Electric Scooters, E-Mopeds & E-Bikes

Affordable Electric Transport

Best Electric Bicycles Bristol

Fall In love with cycling with an Electric Bicycle. Fun, Fast and Stylish.

Whether you’re riding around the city or taking on a mountain trail, Electric Bicycles make cycling easier for all ages.

Electric Bicycles use advanced technology to assist the cyclist on their journey. The e-bikes are also environmentally friendly, using electricity to power, so there’s no nasty environmental consequences.

Our Electric bikes are made from high-end materials and designed to deliver reliable and sleek performance. E-bikes require little maintenance making them an ideal investment for any riding enthusiast.

Find Your E-Bike Today!

Niu Electric Mopeds


NIU moped’s cloud ECU’s powerful data capabilities let you check 17 different vehicle statuses such as location, riding history, vehicle status and power statistics in real-time on the mobile app. You also get access to vehicle diagnostics, anti-theft alerts, and after-sales service.

Easy to ride, very quiet battery-powered and no more exhaust fumes. Ecomove are UK stockist of NIU mopeds and they are here to stay. Practical and fun, cheap to run (1p/mile) AND environmentally friendly.

Cheap Electric Scooters Bristol

Made of aviation-grade alloy, making it light-weight and easy to carry anywhere.

Removing the battery is very easy. Charge it at school, at the office or at home. Buy an extra battery and double your range!

With a handlebar height of 116.6cm, KIQ II feels smoother, safer and more stable even for taller riders.

The EZEE and KIQ II e-scooters feature a disc brake, regenerative motor brake, and a fender brake in case of emergency.


We are pleased to offer competitive rates on this range of electric mopeds. We’ve partnered with vehicle finance experts Close Brothers to allow you flexible finance on your new NIU moped

Close Brothers Motor Finance pride themselves on their approach to underwriting. All finance proposals are sent to a regional branch, where their skilled team of underwriters carefully consider the customer, the vehicle and the terms of the agreement.

This human approach means flexibility and opportunity to tweak the terms of the proposed agreement no matter what your age or circumstances and ensure you drive away their new vehicle wherever possible

Don’t want to buy online? Visit us in-store

Visit our electric bike shop on Hotwells road in Bristol and see the bikes for yourself. Our bike shop stocks our entire range, so you can come and try before you and compare the bikes to find your perfect set of wheels.

As well as the bike shop itself, our property also houses it’s very own test track, specially tarmacked for cycling. Our team will be there to answer any questions you have, give full demos of the electric bikes and deliver unbeaten customer service, to ensure you have the perfect shopping experience.

Want to know more about the best electric bike shop in Bristol? Then drop in and see why our customers love us.

About EcoMove

Since launching in Bristol in 2019, EcoMove’s mission has been to deliver Bristol residents a more eco-friendly and sustainable means of transport.

With our range of products, we are helping residents switch to electric transport and reduce their impact on the environment. Bristol is considered to be the greenest city in the UK, and we are proud to be residents of the city.

We not only work to minimise our own carbon footprint, but we also work with local businesses to help reduce the impact they have on the environment.

We strongly believe that in order to reduce CO2 emissions, we all have a role to play, and our role is to show people an affordable, sustainable and enjoyable alternative to carbon. At EcoMove we offer a wide range of Electric Bikes, Electric Scooters and Electric Mopeds.


About Trees For Cities Logo

EcoMove has partnered with Trees for Cities who have planted over 1,000,000 urban trees in parks, streets, woodlands, schools, hospitals and housing estates since they started in 1993. EcoMove will plant one tree for every moped we sell which will bring real benefits to our cities, health and wellbeing.

Just remember when you buy one of our mopeds you will also plant a tree!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pay in installments/finance?

Yes, you can either pay with Dividebuy or Paypal, you can choose the deposit and your repayment period for up to 24 months

Can I test Ride the Scooter / bicycle / moped?

Yes, our Bristol store has an indoor test track where you can meet our experts, ask questions and try all of our electric vehicles safely. You can also book a test ride outside of the shop.

Do you provide electric bicycle insurance?

We do not, but we can point you towards our partners at Lexham moped insurance where you can get a discount if you mention us here at EcoMove or simply give the discount code LEX 6555.

How do I get my CBT license?

You can get a CBT and full license through any registered motorcycle training school If you purchase a CBT through our partners at Ace Training you will receive a discount when you purchase an e-moped from us.

How Long does Delivery Take?

For all our products, it depends on stock and for the e-mopeds how long it takes to register the vehicle with the DVLA, we aim to deliver from next day up to 14 days after purchase. For our eScooters and eBikes, you can pick them up the same day in-store or we offer next day delivery through our partners at Diamond.

Can I Ride Away on the day of purchase?

For scooters and e-bikes yes, for e-mopeds no, they need to be registered to the DVLA first.

What Servicing and after sales support does EcoMove provide?

Electric mopeds are more reliable and require less maintenance than a petrol equivalent thanks to the reduced amount of moving parts. The main components that will need repair are brake pads and tyres. This work can be carried out by most local garages or repair shops. Work carried out by established, reputable businesses will not invalidate the warranty. We offer scooter and e-bike maintenance services as well.

What are the Running costs?

The charging for all our vehicles the operating costs are minimal beyond the usual wear and tear of tyres and brake pads. Charging our vehicles cost 1p/ mile and the average running costs of our e-mopeds are 15% of non-electric vehicles as they have very few moving parts. An MOT is not required for the scooters or e-bikes however one is due 3 years after purchase for our mopeds just like there would be for any other vehicle, this is usually minimal in cost as there are few moving parts and few things that can go wrong.

What makes us eco?

Please see our about us page for all the great reasons you should choose EcoMove and find out what puts the eco in EcoMove.

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