About EcoMove

EcoMove’s mission is to bring electric mopeds to the mainstream UK market. Compared to many European cites, we Brits have been slow to adopt these clean, quiet, efficient bikes. We aim to introduce petrol car and motorbike drivers to this new generation of more environmentally friendly vehicles, and the many advantages that it offers.

John’s story

For 6 years, from Bath to Clifton every day which meant crossing Bristol. The first 12 miles of the trip would normally take less than 20 minutes, but the last 3 miles could easily take in excess of 40 minutes.

The cumulative effect of sitting in traffic, wasting time day after day, had a negative impact on my mood, motivation and general happiness. I also was witness to a lot of road rage and found my own patience eroded over time.

During a trip to Amsterdam, I discovered NIU bikes for the first time. I wasn’t even aware that electric mopeds existed. I really like the new technology, the low carbon and environmental aspect, as well as the noise-free travel.

A few weeks later, I shared what I’d seen with my tennis partner, Ted. We considered reasons why visibility and awareness of the product was so low in the UK compared to other countries in Europe, and started to form a plan.

Ted’s story

I have 3 young children that I want to inherit a cleaner Earth than the one I was born into. It’s all too easy to say, ‘It’s not up to me. What can I do?’ But if everyone does their little bit, then the benefits will mount up.

Transport policies today don’t go far enough, and they don’t cover the last couple of miles of our daily commute. They are not flexible, often slow, time consuming and expensive. They involve braving the weather in the winter months and the whole process can be miserable. There has to be a better way and John and I came up with the idea of using electric mopeds for the urban commute and the smaller distances we frequently travel.  

 The challenge we face is that the stereotypical motorcyclist is an experienced biker who loves the smell, the noise, the vibrations and the thrill of the sport.

This is not our target market, as we want to make electric bikes accessible for all. We hope to reach people who have never owned a motorbike or moped before, explaining the range to them in a calm non-intimidating environment – ensuring the whole experience of buying and using an e-moped is a pleasurable one.

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Anyone and everyone can easily ride one with only the most basic training. Their ease of use is more like a mobile phone: sleek, fun, cool and an important part of your life.

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First, we want to open up the e-moped market to a new demographic: urban commuters, students, women; harnessing social media to introduce people to the product and its advantages. We also want to reach existing bikers, with a view to converting existing petrol bikes to electric.

Next, we looked at the current retail environment and found that e-mopeds are generally sold as a small part of the range at conventional motorbike dealers.

We want to do things differently by opening a city centre flagship store (with potential to expand into more cities) with a clean, cool and uncluttered ambiance – more Apple store than motorbike garage.

Ultimately, we want to help people get to where they want to go quickly and cost effectively whilst reducing the negative impact on the environment.



45mph / 83ml Range



45mph / 65ml Range

Untitled 1 0003 NIU NQIGTS PRO


30mph / 96ml Range

Untitled 1 0004 NIU NQI SPORT


30mph / 53ml Range

Untitled 1 0002 NIU MQI SPORT


30mph / 62ml Range

Untitled 1 0001 NIU UQIGT PRO


30mph / 59ml Range

Untitled 1 0000 NIU UQI PRO


25mph / 25ml Range