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Ampere Deluxe Pro – Mid-Drive Trekking

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The powerful 100 Nm mid drive motor of the Ampere Deluxe Pro will allow your trips to be limited only by your imagination. While the quick-release battery makes charging simple and delivers an impressive range of up to 85 miles per charge.

With “best in class” components including Shimano gears and brakes, Suntour suspension Fork and a hugely powerful 250w motor as well as a large LCD display, this high specification electric bike compromises on nothing.

Ampere Deluxe Pro 0005 Featured Ebike

Introducing the Ampere Deluxe Pro Mid Drive Step Through Electric Bike

a pinnacle of modern design and functionality for today’s rider. Meticulously engineered with top-tier components, this electric bike sets a new standard for convenience, power, and elegance on the road.

At the heart of the Ampere Deluxe Pro is the powerful Motinova Mid Drive Motor, which produces an impressive 100Nm of torque, enabling smooth and swift acceleration as well as effortless hill climbing. Perfect for navigating urban environments or challenging off-road paths, this motor delivers a consistent and engaging riding experience.

The bike offers excellent range and performance, with battery options of 10Ah, 14Ah, or 17.5Ah, allowing you to tailor your ride to your specific requirements. Eliminate range anxiety and enjoy the liberty to venture further than before.

For enhanced control and safety, the Ampere Deluxe Pro is equipped with Shimano brakes, known for their dependable stopping power and precision. The Suntour forks provide outstanding comfort and stability, absorbing shocks and reducing vibrations for a smoother ride on any surface.

The onboard smart LCD screen keeps you informed and connected during your ride, displaying real-time metrics such as speed, distance, and battery status. With easy-to-use controls, you can seamlessly adjust power settings and track your performance.

Riding on robust 27″ tires, the bike ensures excellent traction and stability, giving you confident control in various riding conditions. Whether you’re commuting or exploring on the weekends, the Ampere Deluxe Pro is your ultimate riding partner, promising unmatched performance and adaptability.

Ampere Deluxe Pro 0025 Grey Frame
Ampere Deluxe Pro 0008 Mid Motor Ebike

Ampere Deluxe Pro – Now with a powerful 100 Nm mid-drive Motinova motor

The Ampere Deluxe Pro’s major upgrade is its mid-drive motor, the MOTINOVA. This name blends the first parts of “Motivity” and “Nova,” signifying MOTINOVA’s potential to become a leader in bicycle drive systems. MOTINOVA aims to deliver a premier bicycle drive system that offers an unparalleled riding experience.

The bike collects riding data through a torque sensor, cadence sensor, and speed sensor. This data is processed by a sophisticated algorithm that adjusts the motor’s power assistance to complement the rider’s effort. This adjustment reduces the mechanical feel, enhancing the synergy between rider and bike. Riders can expect a ride that’s not only smart and efficient but also smooth and quiet from the very first time they pedal.

Ampere Deluxe Pro 0005 Featured Ebike
Ampere Deluxe Pro 0024 Rear Ebike

Key Features

Things to get excited about.

Ampere Deluxe Pro 0014 Rear Wheel
  • Suitable for all riders between 5ft 4″ – 6ft
  • Lightweight heat-treated aluminium frame.
  • Only 23KG’s including the Battery*
  • Modern design with integrated battery available in a 10Ah, 14Ah or 17.5Ah
  • Long-lasting range of up to 40 miles with 10Ah and 55miles with 14AH and 80 miles with 17.5Ah
  • Low step frame to allow easy mounting for anyone with restricted mobility
  • Powerful 100Nm mid drive motor– unrivalled power at the push of a button.
  • Ultra-responsive Shimano Hydraulic disc brakes – giving you maximum control and safety.
  • Central mounted Colour LCD display
  • Lightweight heat-treated aluminium frame.
  • 700x45C Puncture resistant tyres – giving you peace of mind
  • Shimano 9 speed gears with rapid-fire shifter
  • Integrated front light and rear Light
  • Pannier rack
  • Mudguards
  • Kickstand
  • Adjustable stem to allow the most comfortable riding position for you.

* 10Ah battery is used to record this weight

Ampere Deluxe Pro 0030 Front Light

Integrated Lights

The Ampere Deluxe ensures riders are well-equipped for any lighting conditions with its seamlessly integrated front and rear lights. These built-in lights enhance visibility and safety, lighting up the road ahead and making sure you are visible to other road users.

Ampere Deluxe Pro 0016 Rear Of Bike

Lightweight Design

Weighing in at just 22kg, the Ampere Deluxe sets a new standard for lightweight construction. Through the meticulous selection of premium materials and the application of advanced engineering techniques, Ampere has successfully crafted a bike that offers an optimal blend of strength, durability, and an impressively light feel.

Ampere Deluxe Pro 0008 Mid Motor Ebike

Powerful Motor

The Ampere Deluxe features a mid-drive motor that packs a robust and high-performance punch, delivering an impressive 100nm of torque. This substantial torque facilitates smooth and effortless acceleration, offering riders an exhilarating and confident experience on the road.

Ampere Deluxe Pro Ebike (3)

Integrated Battery

The Ampere Deluxe sports a sleek, streamlined design with internal cables that are neatly integrated, ensuring a clean and uncluttered look. The highlight of its innovative design is the advanced integrated battery, which is skillfully incorporated into the frame’s smooth lines, enhancing both the bike’s portability and convenience.

Ampere Deluxe Pro Ebike (7)

Fantastic Range

The Ampere Deluxe, equipped with a 10Ah battery, enables riders to confidently cover more than 40 miles on a single charge, ideal for long-distance travels without the concern of power depletion. For those desiring even greater distance, opting for the 14Ah battery increases the range to over 55 miles, offering extended, uninterrupted adventures on two wheels.

Ampere Deluxe Pro Ebike (6)

Optional Throttle

Incorporating a throttle into your bike enhances its functionality and proves invaluable for managing hill starts or accelerating smoothly from a standstill at traffic lights. With just a twist of the throttle, riders gain immediate and responsive power, enabling them to move forward effortlessly and confidently.

Cropped Ampere Logo

The Ampere Deluxe Pro

  • Modern design with integrated battery
  • Powerful 100Nm mid-motor– unrivalled power at the push of a button.
  • Ultra-responsive Shimano Hydraulic disc brakes – giving you maximum control and safety.
  • Central mounted LCD display
  • Puncture-resistant tyres – giving you peace of mind on every ride.

Modern design with integrated battery

The Ampere Deluxe Pro blends classic aesthetics with modern design, featuring the popular step-through frame and an integrated battery.

High-quality parts

With “best in class” components including Shimano gears and a sleek lightweight SunTour Suspension Fork as well as a large LCD display.


E-Bike Cycle to Work Scheme


An electric bike offers huge benefits for commuters over public transport and cars, improving your lifestyle and saving you money.

Improved health, increased confidence and able to make longer commutes easier are just a few benefits you can enjoy.

However, we’re aware that they aren’t the cheapest to buy upfront.

That’s why we’ve partnered with Cycle to Work Scheme and the Green Commute Initiative (GCI) to help you spread the cost into monthly payments with discounts on the initial purchase price.

Please note, GCI is for Electric Bikes only. e-Mopeds and e-Scooters are excluded from the scheme.

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2 reviews for Ampere Deluxe Pro – Mid-Drive Trekking

  1. Avatar Of Anna J.

    Anna J.

    Lovely bike, test rode it in store. Thanks to the helpful team over at EcoMove

    Colour: Blue, Battery Size: 10Ah x 1
  2. Avatar Of Tim L.

    Tim L.

    The Ampere Deluxe pro is a big improvement over my Amper Hilux, highly recommend the upgrade to anyone thinking on it.

    Colour: Blue, Battery Size: 14Ah x 1
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