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Are you a “Cycopath”? ?

Whether you’re planning to get back on your bike, or have become a fully-fledged “cycopath” over the lockdown, make sure that you’re ready for Bike Week!

Whether you’re planning to get back on your bike, or have become a fully fledged “cycopath” over the lockdown, make sure that you’re ready for Bike Week!

All over the country people are digging out their bikes, dusting off cobwebs, and polishing them in anticipation of ‘the world’s biggest bike ride’! With the weather backpedaling from a miserable May to a jam-packed June full of sunshine, there couldn’t be a better time to get active while improving the quality of air that we breathe. 

Are you electric?

It doesn’t matter if you ride electric or traditional, on roads or trails, with family or tourers, everyone can play their part in showing the rest of the UK how cycling can do wonders. 

Are you a health nut?

You don’t need me to tell you that cycling can boost your health and wellbeing, of course it does. But, it’s not just that, Bike Week provides us with the opportunity to inspire more people to give cycling a go and discover an environmentally friendly form of travel! It gives us the chance to focus on the bigger picture – saving our planet. 

Are you a trendsetter?

While the pandemic ironically led to improvements in air quality over the last year, if we’re not doing more to ensure levels are kept low, people will continue to suffer from the effects of air pollution.

However, it is encouraging to see that we are not sitting idly by and just expecting things to change by themselves. For instance, Bristol is taking the initiative to follow the likes of Bath and Birmingham in implementing a ‘Clean Air Zone’. 

Walking and cycling are key to the successful implementation of such schemes, as opposed to resorting to car-sharing, as they are much more sustainable forms of transport. A study conducted by Sustrans found that even just 2 commutes to and from work (per week) would reduce the number of cars on the road by over 200,000! More importantly; cycling has been found to produce less than one tenth of the emissions that cars do, with electric bikes generating even less of a carbon footprint! 

Are you an Eco-Geek?

But it’s all well and good throwing out numbers, however, the only way that we’ll be able to see a significant outcome is by working together in the fight for a greener earth. Now, sure we can provide you with the right e-bike at EcoMove, but at the end of the day it all comes down to whether you are willing to put in the work to help improve our planet. 

You are a Cycopath.

To recognise the importance of cycling as a safe mode of transport, and to support you with participating in Bike Week, EcoMove is offering 10% off all e-bikes until the 5th June 2021! Click here to check out our brilliant range of e-bikes or simply come in-store and give them a ride on our test track!


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