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Yuba Kombi Bamboo Tow Tray


A bike can be used to transport other bikes!

Two bikes in one!

This flatbed bike towing system lets you put a classic bike on your Yuba and tow it in complete safety. Warm up on a Yuba before training on a road bike, take your child to the park with his little bike on the back to avoid the risks of road traffic…in short, an everyday tool that can make certain journeys easier!


  • Made of 3-ply bamboo
  • Sturdy and resistant
  • Capacity: 12 to 29-inch bikes, with a maximum tire width of 2.25 inches
  • Neoprene guards to protect the towed bike
  • 2-year warranty

*The towing kit includes: a board with a gap for wedging the front wheel, a stopper and an adjustment device for 20″, 16″ and 12″ wheels.
After installation, to use the towing board, adjust the bracket to the size of the bike to be towed with a screwdriver. Then use a Yuba Utility Straps to attach the towed bike to the Kombi frame, locking the front wheel to the frame.


Only compatible with KombiKombi E5 and Kombi E6 models.

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