Best Electric Bikes for Delivery

Best Electric Delivery Bike

Discounts, servicing and bundles are available for delivery professionals.

  • Free 1-year’s service plan for peace of mind
  • Breakdown cover within 75 miles (Roadside, Homestart, Recovery)
  • Fully configured and delivered with backbox and accessories
  • Various finance options available from £15/week*

We service food delivery riders from Deliveroo, UberEats, Stuart & others

Are delivery costs eating into your profits?

Start saving & improve your carbon footprint

Electric Bikes help power you to deliver more orders more quickly, without wearing yourself out. The increased speed, and reduced tiredness from electric bikes has helped riders deliver more per hour and increased the amount they earn.

The eCargo Bike Grant Fund 2021/22 is open for applications. 

Apply for the grant here

£400,000 has been made available by the Department for Transport in 2021/22 for the purchase of ecargo bikes, to support businesses switching to a sustainable transport solution.

  • Funding covers up to 40% of the total cost of an e-cargo bike, up to a maximum of £2,500 for two-wheel models and £4,500 for three-wheel models.
  • Applications will be capped at five bikes per organisation. Larger applications will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • Applications may include more than one organisation. In these joint ‘high-street’ applications, a lead applicant will be responsible for submitting the application.

For more information please see the Eligibility Criteria and Code of Practice.

The application deadline is 14 December 2021. The claim deadline is 14 February 2022. eCargo bikes do not need to have been delivered for the grant to be paid.

Apply for the grant here

Lease your delivery fleet

Or pay monthly via DivideBuy.

We can offer 3-year leasing plan and financing options to spread the cost and make an electric bike more affordable. You can avoid costly rentals or lump sum payments, and still own the latest in riding tech.

Muto Electric Bicycle White
Nqigt Cargo Electric Delivery Bike
Raleigh Pro Bike Electric Cargo Bike
Raleigh Electric Cargo Storage

Custom offers for riders and businesses

Chat to us to see how we can help you.

*Pay Monthly

Spread the cost and own the vehicle straight away. We have multiple re-payment options available for you.

Charge Anywhere

E-mopeds & Electric Bicycles charge from normal outlets – so you can charge at work, home or coffee shops.

Maintenance Included

We offer regular servicing to keep you on the road longer.

Professional custom vinyl branding & Design.

We can help businesses and riders customise their delivery fleet.

Buymei E Cargo Delivery Trike

Featured Last-Mile Delivery Bike

NIU are the top choice for professional couriers
looking to swap to electric.

Nqigts Mopeds Niu Deliveroo Bike

NQiGTS Pro Cargo

ULEZ Compliant

Need a bit more space? The N-Series Cargo has been specially adapted for urban delivery conditions, with extra rubber protection for bumps. Carry up to 50kg on the rear rack which is ready to be fitted with a top box.

Limited-time offer of 10% off & includes:

  • Fitted backbox & accessories
  • 1-year’s service (worth £120)
  • Breakdown assistance. inc roadside, homestart, recovery
  • Registration & plates
  • Free delivery (75-mile radius)

CBT license required

Frequently Asked Questions

Electric Delivery Bike Motor and effort

The NIU cargo bike is a perfect petrol replacement and it is business as usual, it powers up hills and offers a smooth and easy ride.

With the electric bicycle and tricycle product range, you need to pedal on an electric bike. Yes. If you thought that electric bikes move on their own, then you’re wrong. The motor works when you pedal. These bikes are called “pedal-assisted electric bikes“.

Having said that, there are e-bikes you don't need to pedal, but they are fairly rare. But to add to that, you cannot ride them on the streets without a license because they are basically mopeds or motorcycles.

An electric bike is easy to ride – the motor helps you pedal. You put less effort into it, you sweat less, riding is even more comfortable and pleasant.

Delivery Bike Speed

The NIU NGT will reach speeds of 43mph, perfect for city deliveries.

On an electric bicycle, you can reach speeds up to 15.5 miles per hour (25 km per hour) in motor assistance mode. This is quite enough for riding city streets, and everywhere else. It’s a lot faster than the average speed of a car in traffic during rush hour (7 miles per hour).

When riding an e-bike, the motor will help you pedal until you reach a speed of 15.5 miles per hour. This is the maximum speed allowed by law, otherwise, the bike will ride too fast (more like a moped or a motorbike). You can go as fast as you like after that, but under your own power. Motor manufacturers, therefore, limit the speed for you. (But you can keep pedalling and ride faster — you just have to put in more effort.)

There are e-bikes that go faster — up to 30 miles per hour, or more. Once again, we are talking about the motor assistance mode. These bikes are called “speed pedelecs”. The motor in these bikes assists the rider in the same limited way, and in the UK these need to be registered with the DVLA to be road legal.

The power of electric bicycle motors is limited — in England, by law, up to 250W.

Delivery Bike Battery Range

Depending on the battery, and charger, it can take around 2.5-8 hours to fully recharge from flat. However you don’t need to run the battery down before charging, there is no “battery memory”. Charge it any time you need to!

If the battery of an e-bike runs out on the road, you can still ride it just like riding a normal bike. A heavy normal bike. You just need to continue pedalling. It will not just stop, like a car that’s run out of petrol.

Delivery Bike Distance

The NIU NGT Extended range boasts a distance of up to 77 Miles.

If you have ever ridden a regular bicycle, you know that 20-30 miles is a pretty long ride. You can ride further on an electric bike with the same amount of effort. On average this is between 40 and 75 miles on one battery charge, depending on its capacity and the terrain, the way you ride, etc. Bosch have a great ride simulator that is amazingly accurate.

Climbing Hills and Inclines on Your Delivery Bike

The NIU NGT tackles hills with very little effort.

One of the main benefits of an e-bike is that it is much easier to ride on uneven terrain and when climbing hills or mountains. Riding up hills or mountains can be very difficult if you’re not a very active person.

An electric bike also makes it easier to tackle those nasty headwinds.

Delivery Bike/Fleet Maintenance

EcoMove will assist you on keeping your electric bike on the road with a range of servicing options or simple book-in services.

If you buy a new model rather than a used one, electric bicycles will hardly need any maintenance. The most important things are to keep it clean, lubricate the drive system and regularly check the chain and wheels.

But if you do need to repair your bike, it is usually as easy as an ordinary bicycle, this is something we help with too. Maintaining and repairing an electric bike shouldn’t be more expensive, though finding a repair specialist might be difficult. Motor manufacturers such as Bosch and Shimano have a network of qualified dealers who are able to work on any bike equipped with their systems.

License and Laws for Electric Delivery Bikes

The NIU NGT requires a CBT to ride and follows all the rules of the road as a petrol moped.

With regards to electric bicycles, you don’t need a license to ride a bike and you don’t have to pay any tax. You will need to comply with motor law though as you would riding a regular bicycle. The benefits compared to those of a motorbike or car is that you can pop to the shops in the same way, but you avoid road taxes, MOTs, insurance etc – big payments to pay every year.

Of course, if you opt for more powerful or faster bikes, you will need a license and other documents.

If you buy a more powerful bike here and intend to travel on it or want to take it with you on a bus, train, or plane, it’s important to stay up to date with the rules that apply in other countries. The laws on riding an e-bikes are still being written.

Electric Bikes: Eco-Friendliness and Clean Air Zones

An ebike is environmentally friendly – just like a normal bicycle. It does not produce harmful emissions into the atmosphere because it runs on electricity rather than liquid fuel. For the same reason, electric bikes are as quiet as regular bicycles.

This means they are perfect for all cities with clean air zones in place.

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With minimal maintenance costs and hugely reduced fuel costs, electric mopeds help you make more profit every day. We are able to fit with delivery boxes on request.

All of our NIU e-mopeds are fully ULEZ compliant and could save you thousands a year in costs. 

If you’re using a petrol scooter 5 times a week, costs can quickly stack up. Trade-in your petrol vehicle and upgrade to an electric vehicle, potentially saving you thousands per year in both fuel and taxes. 

*Pay Monthly

Spread the costs and own the vehicle straight away. We have multiple re-payment options available for you.

No more Fuel costs

E-mopeds cost under 1p mile to run and can charge in 3.5 hours. They are also better for the environment.

Save Big Long-Term

Electric mopeds require far less maintenance and run for much longer than combustion engines.

Niu Mopeds For Delivery

Low Cost. Efficient.

With ranges now up to 90 to 100 miles without requiring to swap batteries or recharge, delivery riders for companies like Deliveroo, Uber Eats & Just Eat can use these bikes for a complete shift.

Niu Bulb

Government Grant

20% of the RRP

Niu Battery

Running Costs

Less than 1p/mile

Niu Maintanance For Business

Maintenance Cost

Very low as they don’t have an engine and come with a Panasonic battery & Bosche motor

Niu Leaf

Journey times

If you do cross city/town journeys cut them by 50%

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