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Bosch Smart System – GPS Tracker – Connect Module Retrofit Kit BDU37YY (BCM3100)

Item number: EB13200014 // EAN: 4054289006457

  • When retrofitting a Bosch ConnectModule the design covers must be replaced or it will not fit. Please click the cover below to include it in your current order.

BDU37YY (BCM3100)

Before retrofitting the ConnectModule, please check the installation situation and compatibility.

Suitable for

  • Performance Line CX (BDU3741)
  • Performance Line CX Race Edition (BDU376Y)
  • Cargo Line (BDU3741)
  • BDU37YY

Compatible with Bosch original design covers

  • EB1120000Y
  • EB1120001E
  • EB1120001G

Scope of delivery

  • 1x ConnectModule EB1310000B
  • 1x Mounting Plate EB1320000A
  • 1x Holder EB13200009
  • 1x Display cable 100 mm EB1212003S
  • 1x screw M4x8 Torx T20; 1270016499
  • Operating and installation instructions

The Bosch ConnectModule retrofit kit is an e-bike GPS tracker for e-bikes with Bosch Smart System drive. Thanks to the ConnectModule, the e-bike can be located precisely at the latitude and longitude. This way, you always stay informed about where your beloved e-bike is. In addition, the ConnectModule is an e-bike alarm system, which triggers a signal in case of minor shaking and sends an alarm as well as a PushUp message via the eBike flow app in case of severe movements.
When retrofitting a Bosch ConnectModule to the BDU33YY, the EB1120003V and EB1120003W design covers must be replaced with the EB1120003X design cover.

Features of The Bosch Connectmodule Retrofit Kit – Gps Tracker:

  • Bike GPS Tracker
  • Only for e-bikes with Bosch Smart System motor (MY 2022 and later).
  • simple plug-n-play installation on the motor
  • accurate location transmission in the eBike Flow app
  • theft detection & audible alarm system
  • own, integrated battery

Note on compatibility with CUBE e-bikes: On many Cube electric bike models, there is not enough space under the motor cover for installation. Cube has developed suitable replacement motor covers for this, which must be changed before installing the Connect Module.

Connectmodule – GPS Tracker & Alarm System

With This New Gadget from Bosch, You Protect Your E-Bike from Theft or You Can Locate It in Case of Accidental Theft. for This Purpose, the “e Bike Alarm Function” Should Be Switched on Or Activated in The E Bike Flow App. when The Alarm Function Is Activated, the Connect Module Informs You of Suspicious Movements. in The Event of An Unintentional Ride, the Connect Module Will Sound a Two-Stage Alarm. in Case of Slight Movements, Short and Deterrent Warning Tones Are Emitted, Quasi as A Warning. in Case of Further Stronger Rides, the Second Alarm Level Is Triggered. Now a Loud Sound Is Emitted and Gps Tracking Is Automatically Started and A Pushup Message Is Sent to You. Since the Connect Module Has Its Own Integrated and Self-Sufficient Battery, the Alarm and Gps Tracking Works Even when The E-Bike Battery Is Removed. Thus, Your E-Bike Is Protected at All Times.

Installation of The Bosch Connect module in The Smart System Drive System

The ConnectModule is integrated in the motor so that it is invisible to others and is connected between the display and the motor. To do this, the first step is to remove the design cover of the motor housing. The holder can then be placed on the drive unit. In the next step, the display cable is detached from the drive unit. The ConnectModule cable supplied is now plugged into the slot that has become free on the motor. The other end of the cable is connected to the ConnectModule in socket 1 and the previously disconnected display cable is plugged into socket 2. After that, the cables should be laid without kinks in the engine compartment. Now the pre-assembled mounting plate of the ConnectModule can be screwed to the Drive Unit using an M4 x 8 screw. In the last step, the design cover of the motor is mounted again.

Note: The Bosch eBike Flow app can be downloaded free of charge from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

Drive system

Bosch drive



Bosch System

Bosch Active Line Plus Smart System (BDU334Y), Bosch Cargo Line Gen4 Smart System (BES3), Bosch Performance Line CX Gen4 Smart System (BES3), Bosch Performance Line Gen3 Smart System (BES3), Bosch Performance Line SX Smart System (BDU31)


Bosch ConnectModule Retrofit Kit – GPS Tracker

Scope of delivery

1x ConnectModule, 1x mounting plate, 1x bracket, 1x cable 100 mm, 1x screw M4x8 Torx T20, 1x operating and installation instructions




only for E-Bikes with Bosch Smart System Motor


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