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AXA STENMAN INDUSTRIES has a long and rich history, dating back to 1902. The basis for one of the two current successful core business is already established in the twenties, the forerunner of the present company started production and sales of hardware. Twenty years later, a ring lock for bicycles was introduced. This marks the start of a range of bike components, the second core activity as it is now.

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    AXA Roll Bike Lock


    The AXA Roll can be used for all your accessories.

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    AXA Fold Pro Bike Lock


    The AXA Fold Pro, is a 100 cm modern looking, stylish foldable lock.

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    AXA Linq Pro Bike Lock


    The AXA Linq Pro is an extra strong lock specially developed for speed E-bikes as the links continue into the fastener.

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    AXA Linq 100 Bike Lock


    The AXA Linq 100 is an extra strong lock as the links continue into the fastener.

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    AXA Floor Anchor Bike Lock


    The AXA anchor is suited for mounting to a wall or floor and can be used inside or outside.

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    AXA Newton Double Loop Bike Lock


    The Newton Double Loop cable can be used in combination with a pad lock to secure your property.

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    AXA Newton Bike U-Lock


    Hardened steel U-shaped lock in a nice modern design.

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