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If riding bikes is better for the environment, surely theirfootprint could be more environmentally friendly as well? We thought about this question after watching a tradeshow booth, emblazoned with the message ‘One More Bike, One Less Car’ be demolished and tossed in a dumpster. From that moment, our curiosity was spiked and we began asking more questions — there must be a better way.
So far the result isn’t perfect, although it’s a step closer. We’ve partnered with ODI to create a 100% recycled grip. Our bikes frames are composed of 60% recycled stainless steel using manufacturing processes that ensure little to no excess waste. Our 70% recycled alloy forks are painted with an eco-friendly paint and decals. Each frame is hand-built in Taiwan, packaged in boxes made from 100% recycled cardboard without plastic materials and shipped by sea. Lastly, all unavoidable incurred emissions are offset.

We not only wanted a more sustainably produced bike, but also one that is simpler and more versatile with each frame being a starting place where riders can then create a build to suit their needs and personalities. The bjorn is a capable commuter, bike packing rig and gravel machine. It’s designed to handle a variety of harsh surface conditions allowing you to link pavement with rougher roads and trails.

Ultimately, our goal is to create bikes and components that inspire people to get out and ride because they love their bike and feel good about riding it.

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