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Urban Iki is a brand that combines Japanese innovation with Dutch design to create high-quality, stylish, and safe cycling accessories³. The brand is part of OGK, a company founded in Japan over 80 years ago and recognized as a market leader in cycling accessories and bicycle seats.

Urban Iki offers a range of products, including front and rear bicycle seats suitable for children from 9 months to 6 years old. These seats are available in a variety of cool color combinations, allowing customers to select what suits them best. The brand also offers a junior seat for children aged 5 to 10 years¹.

Urban Iki is committed to making cycling more special. They believe in creating products that enhance the family cycling experience, incorporating great design, high quality, guaranteed safety, and smart technology at realistic prices³. The brand has received positive reviews for its clear website, easy purchase process, and helpful support.

In summary, Urban Iki is a brand that aspires to provide an accessible lifestyle in family cycling, offering well-designed, high-quality, and safe products at an affordable price.

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