NIU E-Mopeds (electric Mopeds) is a more affordable and sustainable means of transport. The Electric moped provides a more environmentally friendly solution whilst saving you time and money.

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    NIU Bike Phone Holder


    Original NIU Mobile phone holder with mirror attachment. Adjustable and easy to install.

  • 6D9027Ce6B1Ae4A9222879E56Af4Dd7268B2Eb2F 3

    NIU UQi Pro


    Excellent torsional rigidity and low longitudinal stiffness, providing the right balance between carrying capacity and maneuverability.

    • 25mph
    • 25mi Range
    • 6hr Recharge
    • AM Licence Minimum
  • 8D17295F41B554C790F52Bfe479Fcb8D6Bdd90Ea

    NIU Tire Pressure Monitor


    Valve caps with tire pressure sensor via Bluetooth.

  • Ddd0F509A938Ffe75916E94884F0C8D7063Af166

    U-Series Original NIU Storage Box


    Original Storage box for NIU U Series. Comes with holder. Available in several stunning bright, branded NIU colours.

    NIU Storage Box Mounting Plate required.

  • Original Niu Tarpaulin

    Original NIU Tarpaulin


    If you want to protect your Niu from wind and weather, the tarpaulin is ideal for this. When collapsed, it is compact and easy to carry.

  • 60C1070Fe0Dde7Cf82Ab12F87Ca8439C001016F8 1

    NIU MQi+ Sport


    NIU MQi+ Sport has two charging modes. Equipped with an 18650 power lithium battery, the M+ gives you a range of up to 60mi.

    • 30mph
    • 62mi Range
    • 9hr Recharge
    • AM Licence Minimum
  • Niu Keyrings 1

    NIU Key Ring


    A key ring featuring the NIU logo.

  • 76Ac3D24E3F107178B6Eac805Fc7F2C77C19Fd2E 5

    NIU MQi GT + Extended Range


    NIU MQi+ GT + Extended Range, Instantly feel the driving force of the 4th Generation Niu Energy Lithium Battery combined with the BOSCH motor.

    • 30 – 45mph
    • 46 – 56mi Range
    • 4 – 6hr Recharge
    • Licence: AM / CBT (Extended)
  • 0Ab4495Da0Db0B69D6Df0A252434Af70D93D1C68

    Original Big NIU Storage Box (N and M Series)


    Large 29Ltr NIU Tail box which can easily hold your crash helmet. Comes in various colours to match your NIU Scooter.

  • B7797Bbde2B5251E01225911B4Db792C43E56Ae8

    NIU N-Series Windproof Leg Cover


    The original NIU windproof leg cover is ideal for protection against rough weather. Suitable for all NIU N models. High-quality original accessories for the NIU N models.

  • Niu Winter Leg Cover

    Original NIU Leg Cover


    Original NIU Leg protection for driving in bad weather.

  • 3Cd3Be164D220Ba224868Eb270454822371A9Ada 3

    NIU NQi Pro


    The NQi Pro Series is an upgraded version of the NQi Sport. Unlike the Sport it uses two state of the art lithium-ion battery packs.

    • 30mph
    • 96mi Range
    • 4 – 7 hr Recharge
    • AM Licence Minimum
  • Ef995492009Cd27F06B106Be03E7Cc6B1E08610F 3

    NIU NQiGTS Sport


    The NQi GTS Sport see the hugely popular NQi GT Pro fitted with slighter smaller batteries offering a faster charge time.

    • 45mph
    • 65mi Range
    • 3.5 – 6Hr Recharge
    • CBT Licence Minimum


  • 8352699159B60D9320087826Db2B2E61416B7Fbc

    NIU Wristband


    Fun and colourful wristband with the NIU logo.

  • Fab53269F26Edc8D44F8Fbdf7283D327Be15Ca83

    NIU Drawstring Bag


    A drawstring bag with the NIU headlight design

  • 277214D8C43Ef8C410751E753Cf7011Fba0588B9 4

    NIU T-Shirt


    A T-shirt with the NIU headlight design.

  • Aba8E61F5Df3Ddf4637267Bb418377542Beed6Fa

    NIU Cap


    A cap featuring the NIU logo.

  • 543D8Bcc25699444585F36A39828A7D8F4606Bdd

    NIU Key Chain


    A keychain featuring the NIU logo.

  • Cb197E5803A9C7Cea1211F17Aea7B12Db11Fb79E 6

    NQiGT Cargo – Extended Range


    Electric mopeds offer huge savings over petrol equivalents, with no tax or emissions fees to pay, plus a 90% saving on petrol per mile! at less than 1p per mile.

    • 43mph
    • 77mi Range
    • 5.5hr Recharge
    • CBT Licence Minimum
  • 2B6E187234Ff60969B73Bd25Ba77687651Ad6De1

    Original NIU Windshield (N-Series)


    Only for N-Series models.

    Drive more comfortably with the windshield that will keep out the wind. The windshield is made of robust, clear acrylic to offer clarity and strength.

  • 1E69B4Fe226E2F5B593D527B300486C28Fa9Ca84 3

    NIU UQiGT Pro


    The UQi GT Pro takes the popular UQi platform and fills it full of more powerful technology, resulting in a longer range, a more powerful motor and a higher speed.

    • 30mph
    • 59mi Range
    • 9Hr Recharge
    • AM Licence Minimum
  • 8C5Cb3A506351E6B0D10Fe550C95B55829258A7A 1

    NIU NQi Sport


    Re-inventing the future of urban exploration requires a deep understanding of lithium-ion technology. – lightweight, efficient, and dependable.

    • 30mph
    • 53mi Range
    • 8hr Recharge
    • AM Licence Minimum
  • 63Dda51213Ae3Abcb29Ccb9B0889Fc3D1Fa68B28 4

    NIU NQiGTS Pro


    The NIU NGT has three unique driving modes (SPORT, DYNAMIC, and E-SAVE). We have created a scooter that lets you ride faster and further in your city.

    • 45mph
    • 83mi Range
    • 4 – 7hr Recharge

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