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Caofen F80 Road Version Electric Motorbike


Caofen frame feels strong and light. Built without welds to ensure the rigidity of the F80 electric motorbike, making the motorcycle body more attractive.

Caofen motorcycle feels sturdy, and the battery box does not feel uncomfortable when you put your legs on the bike. The F80 feels a bit larger than Sur-Ron light bee, and it is more powerful with a larger battery.

  • Fully road legal
  • Requires CBT or Bike Licence
  • Requires Insurance
  • £0 Road tax.

Introducing the Caofen F80 Road Version GL – an electric motorcycle that redefines speed, power, and style. With a curb weight of just 85 kg, this bike is extremely lightweight and fun to ride on and off-road. The long-travel suspension system consists of a front inverted fork and rear monoshock with preload adjustment, providing a ground clearance of 265mm and a suspension travel of 200mm.

Caofen F80 Motor
Caofen F80 Dash Copy
Caofen F80 Headlamp Copy
Caofen Logo
Caofen F80 Electric Road Motorbike
Caofen F80 Dirt Trail Outdoors
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Caofen F80 Electric Moto X
Caofen F80 Road Bike Batteries

High-Performance Electric Dirt Bike

Caofen offers a range of 68 miles (110 km) on a single charge at an average speed of 19 mph, and at maximum performance, and  34 miles range (55 km) at sustained max speed.

Charging the F80’s battery pack to 100% takes just over 2 hours, highlighting the advancement in battery technology. The bike is made of high-quality aluminium alloy and plastic and metal material that is durable and practical, ensuring it’s strong and sturdy.

Built to perform on or off road

The bike features a built-in high-power LED light, bright in any environment and features a long service life.

The aviation-grade material used in the bike’s design highlights its dirt bike heritage, while the ergonomic design makes riding easier than its petrol counterparts. The F80 incorporates the same paint-baking process used on production cars to make the appearance more premium and eye-catching.

The metal battery case has superior protection offering an IP68 waterproof rating, making it dust-free whilst keeping the batteries at a constant temperature.

Caofen F80 Frame
Caofen F80 Electric Motorbike 1

Professional and safe build quality

The bike’s integrated frame is unique and designed with zero welding, ensuring a professional and high-quality finish.

The body’s rigidity has been increased by 30% from the previous model, adding another layer of protection. The bike’s body will remain intact even after dropping from a height of 3 meters at 50KM/h.

The higher strength and more refined body allow for a safe and steady riding experience at higher speeds.

Experience the power of an electric motorbike

The Caofen F80 Road Version GL has a vehicle size of 1950×785× 1070mm, wheelbase of 1300mm, maximum load (single person) of 100KG, and 0-100% charging time of 3.2h.

With a maximum speed of 45-85KM/h, rear-wheel torque of 260N.m, and a gradability of 40% slope, the bike is the perfect blend of speed and style, making every ride memorable.

Get the Caofen F80 Road Version GL today and experience the future of electric motorcycles.

Caofen F80 Electric Dirt Bike

Additional information

Weight 85 kg
Dimensions 165 × 38.5 × 85 cm
Motor Power

Battery Size

Top Speed

Top Range

Charge Time




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