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Top 10 Questions about the Bristol Big Issue E-Bike rental scheme

The Big Issue, in partnership with ShareBike, has launched a national eBikes scheme in Bristol. Eco-friendly bikes will be available in Bristol from February 1

Could Electric Mopeds be the solution to the UK fuel Shortage?

We’ve all heard the news, the UK faces a national Fuel shortage. Major corporations such as BP, Esso and Tesco, have even been forced to close many of their fuel stations due to a lack of petrol and diesel. 

UK-First Sustainable Lithium-Ion Battery Recycling

EcoMove has launched its new division, Eco Recover, which sets out to provide a complete, reliable and eco-friendly recycling solution for businesses across the UK.

Bristol Bridge: Bridging the Gap Between Bristol & Electric

Over the last eight hundred or so years, the Bristol Bridge connected the two sides of River Avon and allowed people to freely cross over to travel across the city. However, as of mid-2020 the bridge has been closed to private vehicles, but the effects haven’t been felt until recently… 

What is National Clean Air Day?

You can also take part by reducing your own emissions at home with simple changes like switching off lights when you leave a room or using energy efficient appliances where possible.