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UK’s New, Fully Sustainable, Lithium-ion Battery Collection & Recycling Company Officially Launches!

Recover, the first company to provide a green lithium-ion battery collection and recycling service within the UK has now launched. 

Ampere Deluxe – eBike Review

Our first review for the Ampere Deluxe Electric Bicycle. The Ampere ‘Deluxe’ Electric Step-through Bike couples traditional styling with cutting-edge design innovation.

With Record High Fuel Prices, is it Time to Consider Electric?

With the rising cost of fuel, alongside government environmental initiatives, (such as Clean Air Zones that work to make using petrol and diesel more expensive), we predict that more people will consider electric mopeds and e-bikes. In this article, we’ll explore how electric mopeds can help you manage the increased costs without compromising the convenience of your car.

Top Tips for Riding Your eBike in Winter


Brand New NIU


Our 10 Best Pros (and Cons) of Electric Bicycles

Electric bicycles have become a huge trend. Not only are they a blast to ride, but an ever-growing range of e-bike options mean you can wind up with a free form of exercise when you’re up for it, or get to work quickly and easily (and much less sweaty!) when needed.

12 Best Cycling Routes in Bristol

Whether you're looking for a challenging off-road cycling adventure or a casual bike ride with stunning scenery, Bristol has more than enough to offer. Here are our top 12 cycling routes in Bristol.

Cities That Are Leading The Electric Transport Revolution

By backing the Zero Emissions initiative, governments are helping reduce the amount of carbon entering our atmosphere and making strides to tackle global warming. In this article, we'll take a closer look at the cities leading the electric transport revolution, and explore the steps they are taking to be more eco-friendly.

5 Reasons Bristol Is the UK’s Most Eco-Friendly City

In recent studies, Bristol was voted the most environmentally friendly city in the UK. In this article, we'll be taking a closer look at how Bristol approaches its impact on the environment and the ways in which it's leading the county into a more eco-friendly and sustainable way of life.