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Commuting by bike is growing in popularity, thanks to its health benefits, cost-effectiveness and positive impact on the environment.

The key to choosing the best commuter bike is ensuring that it is comfortable and practical for the type of riding you intend to do.

Therefore, your optimum bike for commuting could be a flat-bar bike, for example a hybrid or mountain bike, or a drop-bar road or gravel bike.

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An electric bike offers huge benefits for commuters over public transport and cars, improving your lifestyle and saving you money.

Improved health, increased confidence and able to make longer commutes easier are just a few benefits you can enjoy.

However, we’re aware that they aren’t the cheapest to buy upfront.

That’s why we’ve partnered with Cycle to Work Scheme and the Green Commute Initiative (GCI) to help you spread the cost into monthly payments with discounts on the initial purchase price.


Keeping your bicycle in top condition means that you can get more use out of it, more of the time.

Whether you use yours for fun, a daily commute or a weekly ride to the shops (or all of the above!), regular services with EcoMove ensure that you can ride frustration-free and with full confidence in your bicycle.


We are pleased to offer competitive rates on this range of electric mopeds. We’ve partnered with vehicle finance experts Close Brothers to allow you flexible finance on your new NIU moped, Please contact us to apply or use the form below,

We have also introduced DivideBuy and PayPal as checkout options. Both DivideBuy and PayPal offer flexible repayment options. Simply choose your provider once you’re at check out.

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