Does your daily commute stress you out?

The UK’s Office for National Statistics has found that “commuters have lower life satisfaction, a lower sense that their daily activities are worthwhile, lower levels of happiness and higher anxiety on average than non-commuters”. In fact, if your commute takes longer than an hour, feelings of happiness decrease with every successive minute of travel.

You are not alone.
And there is a solution.

The average UK daily commute lasted 58.4 minutes in 2017*. People who work in London have the longest journeys. 931,000 people spend at least two hours getting to the office and back.

An NIU e-moped can significantly reduce your commute time by weaving your way around stationary traffic and many cities allow you to drive in bus lanes.

Van vs Moped: CommuteTime Difference

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EcoMove has partnered with Trees for Cities who have planted over 1,000,000 urban trees in parks, streets, woodlands, schools, hospitals and housing estates since they started in 1993. EcoMove will plant one tree for every moped we sell which will bring real benefits to our cities, health and wellbeing.

Just remember when you buy one of our mopeds you will also plant a tree!

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An NIU e-moped can significantly reduce your commute time

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let’s crunch the numbers

The Finances

An NIU e-moped can pay for itself in a relatively short period of time, when you compare it to car travel.

Let’s compare the numbers over a 3-year period:

Average cost of a car:


A Skoda mid-size car costing £20K would depreciate approx. £8k in 3 years (leaving the car worth £12K).

The average comprehensive car insurance premium in the UK costs £471 a year.** or £1,413 over 3 years.

Car tax depends on the CO2 emissions level so it’s difficult to give an average figure but let’s assume £150 per year (£450 over 3 years)

Fuel cost (assuming 7,000 miles/year and with fuel consumption of 50mpg = 140 gallons @£6) £840/year (£2,250 over 3 years)

A total 3-year cost inc depreciation and running costs: £12,113

Compared to the 3-year cost of an NIU e-moped


A £2,500 e-moped would depreciate in value by approx. £1,000 over 3 years.

Insurance = £300 per year, so £900 for 3 years

No tax. 0%. Nil. Nada!

Fuel (1p/mile) – 21,000 miles over 3 years would cost £210

A total 3-year cost inc depreciation and running costs: £2,110

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So the 3-year savings associated with using an e-moped compared to a car are over £10,000!

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More reasons to swap

Need we say more?

Not forgetting the time you’ll save, allowing you to do the things that you want to do – priceless.

Plus, e-mopeds are better for the environment than petrol vehicles, and parking is so much easier.

And if you currently travel by public transport, consider how much you spend on fares or season tickets over three years . . .

Choose a model

The main question to ask is ‘What is the distance of your commute and will you be restricted to 30mph all the journey?’

NIU small

If your commute is greater than 10 miles each way and you will be travelling in areas of 40mph and above, check out the NIU NGT

If your travel distance is less than 10 miles each way and is restricted to 30mph. check out the NIU M+ series

If you go less than 5 miles in 30mph zones only, the NIU U-Series may be just the job. 

ngt series
NIU small


Built for speed

n series
NIU small

NQi Sport

Extended battery range

m plus series
NIU small

MQi+ Sport

Space for two

NIU small

UQi Pro

Purpose-built for the city