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Yuba Bike Rack Crest


Introducing the new Back & Hand Support Ring! Unrivaled comfort and grip for your adventures!

The multifunction grip

This discreet accessory offers all tall children (up to 43kg), passengers on longtail cargo bikes, reversible comfort according to their needs. The new Crest is versatile, offering either hand support or a backrest for more comfortable seating. Assembled with a Soft Spot and BackRest, it creates a real little seat on the rack of your cargo bike. Depending on the model, it’s possible to fit 3 of them on the rear of the longtails: enough to create a real minibus!


  • Aluminum, weather-resistant
  • Can be combined with a BackRest to create a seatback
  • Attachment for water bottle holder
  • Handlebar for added comfort and grip


Available on all longtails models.

Please note that a deck is required for the following models:

Kombi, Kombi E5 and Kombi E6 : Kombi Deck
FastRack : FastRack Deck 
Mundo EP8 and Mundo Lux : Mundo Deck

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Yuba Bike Rack Crest