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Cycle Scheme


Cyclescheme is an employee benefit that saves you 26-40% on a bike and accessories (or even more with our offers). You pay nothing upfront and the payments are taken tax efficiently from your salary by your employer. Find Out More

Green Commute Initiative

Green Commute Initiative

Green Commute Initiative is a Social Enterprise with a vision to get commuters out of cars and onto any kind of bike, with the dual purpose of improving both the individual’s health and wellbeing, as well as reducing the environmental impact of pollution and congestion from cars. We do this through our cycle to work scheme. Find Out More

Bike 2 Work Scheme

Bike2work Scheme

As an employer, you know the benefits of offering a competitive benefits package to employees and candidates. But most benefits come at a cost to the business, which isn’t always feasible. Bike2Work is not only free but it can save you thousands in national insurance contributions and contribute to workplace productivity. Find Out More

Cycle Solutions

Cycle Solutions

As one of the UK’s leading Cycle to Work scheme providers, Cycle Solutions save money for your organisation and your employees through one the most popular workplace benefits available. It’s great for the environment and personal wellbeing, plus the scheme now has a flexible upper limit, allowing your staff to get all the equipment they need to get them in the saddle.
Find Out More

Caboodle Cycle To Work Logo

Caboodle Cycle to Work

Travelling to work can cost the earth in more ways than one and that’s why more and more people are opting to bike to work and leave the car at home. As well as helping employees reduce the cost of travel, companies can make significant savings in National Insurance too. Find Out More

Halfords Cycle To Work

Halfords Cycle to Work

Cycle2Work is a government initiative which offers the most cost-effective way to get new cycling equipment. The scheme is ran through participating employers, meaning you do not have to pay tax or national insurance on these products – saving you up to 48%! This reduced cost is then simply deducted out of your payslip over 12 or 18 months. Due to the predatory nature of this scheme, an 8% surcharge will be applied or may be refused.  Find Out More

Don’t worry if your scheme is not listed here

We will happily work with any cycle scheme provider to help you get riding.

How The Cycle to Work Schemes Work

Choose Your Electric Bicycle

So this is the fun bit. Browse or call in and decide what ebike best suits you. You’re welcome to pop in for a chat and a test ride to be sure you’ve picked the right electric bicycle.

Get Your Voucher

We can supply you with a quote so you are able to apply for a voucher. Generally, this is done through your HR manager. We have a dedicated staff member to help you through this process if you’re unsure.

Pick Up Your eBike

Once you have received your voucher you just need to let us know that it is all sorted and you’re collecting your bike. If you would like us to review the voucher before you visit you’re welcome to email it to us to review.

We’re Here To Help

We will work with you to answer any questions during this process, lean on us and we will make it a painless process.

Added Extras
We Offer Our Cycle To Work Customers

Free eBike Service

Bring your bike back to us anytime within a year of purchase and we will service your electric bike for you free of charge to ensure everything is running smoothly.

10% Discount On Accessories

You will receive a coupon to be used on our new bicycle parts website which has over 6000 parts and accessories to browse.

Free eBike Insurance

We have partnered with Bikmo to offer our new ebike customers 14 days of free insurance followed by discounted rates if they choose to sign up.

Browse Our Electric Bicycles
Available on The Cycle To Work Scheme

… And so many more.

Cyclesheme FAQs

An electric bike offers huge benefits for commuters over public transport and cars, improving your lifestyle and saving you money.

Improved health, increased confidence and able to make longer commutes easier are just a few benefits you can enjoy.

However, we’re aware that they aren’t the cheapest to buy upfront.

That’s why we’ve partnered with Cycle to Work Scheme and the Green Commute Initiative (GCI) to help you spread the cost into monthly payments with discounts on the initial purchase price.

Please note, GCI is for Electric Bikes only. e-Mopeds and e-Scooters are excluded from the scheme.

Can I Spend More than £1,000 Using Cycle to Work Scheme?

EcoMove are able to offer an unlimited value thanks to our membership with the Green Commute Initiative scheme (GCI).

Electric bikes under £1,000 can be unreliable and poor quality, and it is best to invest in a higher quality bike. The Green Commute Initiative opens funding above and beyond the Cycle to Work Scheme, and is far more suitable for electric bikes.

How does the Cycle to Work Scheme work?

With the Green Commute Initiative, to enable the over £1,000 salary sacrifice, they take on the responsibility of hiring the bike, not the employer. This benefits the user as there is no buy back required at the end of the agreement period.

Your Employer purchases a voucher for you to buy the bike with.

You can choose a payback period of your choosing for the salary sacrifice agreement. It's up to you and your employer what this repayment period is. 6, 12 and 24 months are most common but there is a lot of flexibility in the system. As soon as your employer has paid for the bike, we can arrange for delivery.

At the end of your 12 month hire agreement with GCI you will be offered, for free, a 5 year loan so that you don't need to pay over any more money with no Final Market Value charge to be paid.

The lack of end of scheme exit free allows the GCI to offer discounts of up a huge 47%, higher than any other salary sacrifice scheme

Green Commute Initiative is the only UK Cyclesheme to offer bikes with NO £1,000 limit which means that scheme participants can chose an E-bike (or a conventional bike).

Employees can save up to 47% (depending on their tax band) and employers can save up to 13.8%. GCI doesn’t have any end-of-scheme penalty fees, just a free-of-charge extended 5 year loan period with a £1 fee at end to transfer ownership title.

This gives you a far healthier budget to play with and buy a better bike than you might otherwise be able to afford.

For example, if you earn £25,000 and are spending £1,000 on a bike, after tax and insurance you would only have the equivalent of £680 to buy a bike with. Because GCI is applicable on the full taxed value of the bike, you receive £1,000 worth of bike but for £680.

What's included in the Cycle to Work Scheme?

Bikes, e-bikes, accessories, safety equipment, and clothing are all included in the scheme, meaning you can get everything you need for the commute ahead.

Am I Eligible for the Cycle to Work Scheme?

If you're a UK PAYE Taxpayer and your employer is willing, then you are eligible! It's as simple as that.

Those earning more than £46,000 will save 42% or more, and those under £46,000 will save 32%. You save on the full price of the bike.

Gross Income - Savings:

Under £46,000 - 32%
£46,000 to £150,000 - 42%
£150,000+ - 47%

For further information, please see the GCI website.

Can I use the Bike for something other than commuting?

Of course! You may be limited by the accessories you can buy, but no-one is going to be checking on your usage of the bike. There’s no limits on classification of bike either, so you could by an E-MTB or off road bike, as long as you also use it to commute.

Why consider an Electric Bike?

Electric Bikes offer several benefits over unassisted bikes, and both are eligible on the scheme:

Easier and Safer for beginners - Not ridden in a few years? Electric bikes take the strain out of pedalling and can get you up to traffic speed easier and quicker.

Quicker at traffic lights - Electric bikes help you get up to 15mph without assistance, meaning no stumbling at the lights

Easier hills, less sweat - The extra push up a hill can avoid you arriving at work in a pile of sweat

Still gives you exercise - They don’t do everything for you, and you’ll still need to pedal! You can still get that heart going but just at a more civilised pace.

Do I need Insurance / What if it is stolen?

If the bike is stolen, you’re still liable for the agreement and will be paying out. In this case, we highly recommend you get insurance as soon as possible for your bike, and make sure you lock it up securely. Accessories are available on the agreement too, so there’s no reason not to throw some in!

How much does Cycle to Work Scheme save?

Typically you can expect to save between 25 and 39%, depending on the finance package chosen.

Can self employed use Cycle to Work Scheme?

Sadly not! Because it requires an Employer to purchase the bike and deductions from a PAYE, it’s not currently possible for self employed individuals to take part.

Can you pay off Cycle to Work Scheme early?

It is not worth ending the Cycle to Work Scheme early, as you will not receive any contribution discount on your agreement. It may be best to contact Cycle to Work Scheme directly to discuss any situation in which you wish to end the agreement earlier than 12 months.

If you are made redundant or leave the job, then any remaining balance on the agreement will be taken from your NET final salary package.

Can you buy two bikes on the Cycle to Work Scheme?

Yes, you can, but you should be aware of the financial limits and it may require further justification from your employer. The two bikes you purchase should be for yourself individually and not for a spouse etc.

However, it may be that you wish to have 1 bike to ride to the train station, and another to complete the journey at the other end. This is possible, however both bikes would need to come out of the same financial agreement.

Instead we recommend considering a folding electric bike. This can be easier to justify to an employer while solving the problem of taking it on the tube, etc.

Does the Cycle to Work Scheme affect pensions?

Not at all. It is a separate agreement. Your pensionable earnings are calculated on Gross earnings and therefore not affected by the Cycle Scheme.

How long does Cycle to Work Scheme take?

We recommend having all the information you might need ready before applying. This includes all the details of the Bike, your budget, your payroll number and ideally the employer code.

Once approved, a certificate will usually take around 2 weeks.

What bikes are NOT eligible?

For it to be eligible, the bike must have pedals! Our electric Mopeds and Scooters are not eligible.

About Trees For Cities Logo

EcoMove has partnered with Trees for Cities who have planted over 1,000,000 urban trees in parks, streets, woodlands, schools, hospitals and housing estates since they started in 1993. EcoMove will plant one tree for every moped we sell which will bring real benefits to our cities, health and wellbeing.

Just remember when you buy one of our mopeds you will also plant a tree!