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Buy a High-Quality Electric Bicycle

Electric bicycles provide a fun and healthy way to travel around. Motor assistances make cycling easier and more accessible for all ages and abilities. Easy to charge and fun for all.

Our Electric bicycles are made from high-end materials and designed to deliver reliable and sleek performance. Electric bicycles require little maintenance making them an ideal investment for any riding enthusiast.

At EcoMove Bristol, we offer a wide range of electric bicycles whether it’s city riding or leisure rides.

We’ve also partnered with Cycle to Work Scheme and the Green Commute Initiative (GCI) to help you spread the cost into monthly payments with discounts on the initial purchase price.

Read more about the Cycle to Work Scheme here.

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    MiRiDER Folding eBike


    Designed with a focus on providing reassuring performance ride after ride, the MiRiDER One folding ebike was carefully crafted to be the ultimate electric folding bike.

    • 30ml Range
    • 250w rear motor
    • Foldable
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    Muto Step-Through E-Bike


    Muto is a multi-purpose e-bike that is just as versatile and flexible as you are. This Step-Through model makes mounting the bike easy and quick.

    • 15.5mi/h maximum speed
    • 43.5mi range
    • 3.5hours charging time
    • Step-Through
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    MATE City Electric Bike 250w


    MATE City with a 250W motor, up to 50m range, Colour display and Mechanical Brakes.

    • 50 Mile Range
    • 250w motor
    • Foldable
  • Stow E Way Raleigh Bicycle

    Raleigh Stow-E-Way – Foldable – Low Step

    • Frame Shape Low step
    • Colour Grey
    • Wheel size 20 inch
    • Frame size 46cm
    • Range 30 miles
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    MATE X Electric Bike 750w – Hydraulic Brakes


    MATE X with a 750W motor, up to 60m range, Colour display and Hydraulic Brakes.

    • 50 Mile Range
    • 750w motor
    • Foldable
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    Raleigh Pro Bike Mid Motor Electric Cargo Bike – 2021


    The Raleigh Pro Bike Mid Motor electric cargo bike is easy to maneuver in heavy traffic, even with a loaded box. The electric cargo bicycle features a robust, beautifully rounded, composite box with a 350 litre capacity offering the ultimate ease of use.

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    Raleigh E-Cargo – Electric Cargo Trike XL


    The Raleigh Electric cargo Trike is specifically designed with deliveries in mind. It tackles hills with ease as the electric motor provides assistance up to 15.5mph with a range of up to 40 miles on a single charge. The stable three-wheel design allows users to get on and off easily with a low step frame. The sturdy composite box with a 900-litre capacity offers ultimate ease of use.

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