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E-Mopeds (electric Mopeds) are a more affordable and sustainable means of transport. The Electric moped provides a more environmentally friendly solution whilst saving you time and money.

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    NIU UQi Pro


    Excellent torsional rigidity and low longitudinal stiffness, providing the right balance between carrying capacity and maneuverability.

    • 25mph
    • 25mi Range
    • 6hr Recharge
    • AM Licence Minimum
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    NIU MQi+ Sport


    NIU MQi+ Sport has two charging modes. Equipped with an 18650 power lithium battery, the M+ gives you a range of up to 60mi.

    • 30mph
    • 62mi Range
    • 9hr Recharge
    • AM Licence Minimum
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    NIU MQi GT + Extended Range


    NIU MQi+ GT + Extended Range, Instantly feel the driving force of the 4th Generation Niu Energy Lithium Battery combined with the BOSCH motor.

    • 30 – 45mph
    • 46 – 56mi Range
    • 4 – 6hr Recharge
    • Licence: AM / CBT (Extended)
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    NIU NQi Pro


    The NQi Pro Series is an upgraded version of the NQi Sport. Unlike the Sport it uses two state of the art lithium-ion battery packs.

    • 30mph
    • 96mi Range
    • 4 – 7 hr Recharge
    • AM Licence Minimum
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    NIU NQiGTS Sport


    The NQi GTS Sport see the hugely popular NQi GT Pro fitted with slighter smaller batteries offering a faster charge time.

    • 45mph
    • 65mi Range
    • 3.5 – 6Hr Recharge
    • CBT Licence Minimum


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    NQiGT Cargo – Extended Range


    Electric mopeds offer huge savings over petrol equivalents, with no tax or emissions fees to pay, plus a 90% saving on petrol per mile! at less than 1p per mile.

    • 43mph
    • 77mi Range
    • 5.5hr Recharge
    • CBT Licence Minimum
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    NIU UQiGT Pro


    The UQi GT Pro takes the popular UQi platform and fills it full of more powerful technology, resulting in a longer range, a more powerful motor and a higher speed.

    • 30mph
    • 59mi Range
    • 9Hr Recharge
    • AM Licence Minimum
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    NIU NQi Sport


    Re-inventing the future of urban exploration requires a deep understanding of lithium-ion technology. – lightweight, efficient, and dependable.

    • 30mph
    • 53mi Range
    • 8hr Recharge
    • AM Licence Minimum
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    NIU NQiGTS Pro


    The NIU NGT has three unique driving modes (SPORT, DYNAMIC, and E-SAVE). We have created a scooter that lets you ride faster and further in your city.

    • 45mph
    • 83mi Range
    • 4 – 7hr Recharge

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