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Why Delivery Riders Should Choose Electric Mopeds & E-Bikes

Electric transport alone offers a wide range of benefits to drivers, and with the added convenience that electric bikes and mopeds offer

Over the years food delivery has become increasingly popular and with it more and more riders are on our streets working tirelessly to get delicious grub to our doors. However, it’s easy to overlook the cost of running back and forth across the city, and how much maintenance is involved.

Electric transport alone offers a wide range of benefits to drivers, and with the added convenience that electric bikes and mopeds offer, delivery riders could save themselves both time and money by choosing electric.

In this article, we’ll explore the true benefits that delivery riders can gain by choosing electric bikes and Mopeds for work. We’ll also compare the two to help you choose the perfect ride for you.

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The Benefits of Electric Mopeds for Delivery Riders

There are many benefits to choosing an electric moped over petrol. Delivery riders can save money on expenses and have less of an impact on the planet.

Eco Friendly

Electric mopeds enable delivery riders to keep all of the benefits of their petrol counterpart whilst reducing their carbon footprint.

More and more people are having food delivered, resulting in more delivery riders on our streets, which in turn is increasing CO2 emissions. By switching to electric mopeds, delivery riders can have a more positive impact and deliver food in a more environmentally friendly way.


One of the biggest benefits of switching to electric is the affordability of electric mopeds. Delivery riders spend hours on our streets, costing them a fortune of petrol costs. Electric mopeds offer a more affordable option. There are no petrol costs and charging the moped can cost as little as 1p per mile.


E-mopeds require a lot less maintenance than their petrol counterparts as there are much fewer moving parts and no liquids or grease. As with any vehicle they require an MOT 3 years after purchase but there is little that can go wrong and they are on average more reliable. Therefore Delivery riders can rest assured that their electric moped is a solid investment.

Laws & Licencing

The laws and licencing of an electric moped are very similar to that of petrol. Therefore there’s no need for delivery riders to worry about any additional regulations. One amazing benefit of electric mopeds is that you can ride them in the bus lanes. This helps delivery drivers save a lot of time on the delivery, meaning they can make more of them.

Our Recommendation:

At EcoMove we would highly recommend an NIU Electric Moped. With a range of models available, NIU delivers high-quality performance, Long ranges, Fast charging times and low monthly costs. Check out the best NIU models for Food delivery below:

Muto Electric Bicycle White

The Benefits of Electric Bikes for Food Delivery

Many delivery riders choose to cycle in order to save money on petrol expenses. But did you ever consider choosing an electric bike to get the best of both worlds?


By choosing an electric bike, delivery riders can increase their speed and make deliveries much faster. As the number of deliveries you can make increases, so does the amount of money you make as a food courier. Research shows the number of people who have swapped a traditional bike for an eBike to achieve an extra 2 and sometimes 3 deliveries an hour.


Electric bikes require less maintenance and last far longer than the traditional kind, making them a solid investment for those who cycle regularly.

An electronic bike can do everything a bike can and more, and with the extra deliveries, you would have the opportunity to make money back and more. While Electric bikes are more expensive than traditional bikes to purchase, over time, they work out more affordable and beneficial.

Convenience & Accessibility

If you don’t have a bike yet for food delivery, one option is buying a bike that already has storage included. Many electric bikes have built-in storage, so there’s no need to carry the food on your back. This can make riding more stable and comfortable for the rider.

Electric step-thru bikes are also a fantastic option for couriers. With no crossbar, jumping on and off the bike is both easier and quicker. It also makes negotiating traffic and stopping and starting far more convenient.

An electric-assisted bike also makes riding far easier. With less pedalling required you can cover more ground without burning more energy.


Electric vehicles require very little maintenance and electric bicycles are no exception. Charging the e-bike is quick and simple, with a removable battery or plugin system. You can also purchase batteries separately, meaning you always have enough charge to go.

Electric bikes are also robust and designed to stand the test of time. So riding regularly does not affect the quality of the bike. With thicker tyres, punctures are less likely and the motor systems are less fragile to the gears of a traditional bike.

Our Recommendation:

We recommend the Muto Electric Bike to Food Couriers. It delivers speed, fast charging, comfort, and comes fully equipped with storage. Check it out at the link below:

Niu Mopeds For Delivery

So Which Electric Vehicle Is Right For You?

It all comes down to what you’re looking for and what range you need to cover your deliveries. Check out the table below to see how e-bikes and mopeds compare in cost, range and charge times.


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