The “eco” in our name stands for Eco-Friendly & Eco-nomic.

We understand that for our product to be successful we need to know what our clients are looking for. Eco alternatives have traditionally been expensive solutions that break the bank. We have partnered with NIU to Provide eco-friendly transport that is safe, inexpensive and on trend.

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An NIU e-moped can significantly reduce your commute time

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Environmentally Friendly


eco friendly

Carbon Free

  • Quiet, Efficient.
  • Non-polluting, ‘clean air’ Electric Engine
  • No Tail pipe
  • Zero Emissions


  • Fast and nimble
  • Reduces town and city  journey times
  • Set off when you want and arrive when you need
  • Fast battery charge (typical top up 2 hrs)

Secure & Safe

  • Built-in alarm
  • Anti-theft devices and GPS tracking
  • 360-degree lighting – always seen
  • 200 sensors that constantly monitor performance
  • All managed through your App
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A Cheaper Alternative




  • 20% Government OLEV Grant
  • No Road Tax
  • 2-year warranty with 3-year battery warranty
  • Low Maintanence
  • Starting Price £1569

Running Costs

  • Less than 1p/mile
  • Typical charge cost 20p
  • Use the bus lanes
  • Parking easy & often free

Easy to Use

  • Leightweight with no engine; easy to handle
  • Advanced Braking System
  • No gears just a twist accelerator
  • USB charger and cruise control

Cut Down Your Commute
And Start Saving.

The average UK daily commute lasted 58.4 minutes in 2017*. People who work in London have the longest journeys. 931,000 people spend at least two hours getting to the office and back.

An e-moped can significantly reduce your commute time by weaving your way around stationary traffic and many cities allow you to drive in bus lanes.

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So the 3-year savings associated with using an e-moped compared to a car are over £10,000!

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EcoMove has partnered with Trees for Cities who have planted over 1,000,000 urban trees in parks, streets, woodlands, schools, hospitals and housing estates since they started in 1993. EcoMove will plant one tree for every moped we sell which will bring real benefits to our cities, health and wellbeing.

Just remember when you buy one of our mopeds you will also plant a tree!

Need We Say More?

Make the Swap Today!

The main question to ask is ‘What is the distance of your commute and will you be restricted to 30mph all the journey?’

If your commute is greater than 10 miles each way and you will be travelling in areas of 40mph and above, check out the NIU NQiGTS Pro

If your travel distance is less than 10 miles each way and is restricted to 30mph. check out the NIU MQi+ Sport

If you go less than 5 miles in 30mph zones only, the NIU UQi Pro may be just the job. 

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45mph / 83mi Range



45mph / 65mi Range

Untitled 1 0003 NIU NQIGTS PRO


30mph / 96mi Range

Untitled 1 0004 NIU NQI SPORT


30mph / 53mi Range

Untitled 1 0002 NIU MQI SPORT


30mph / 62mi Range

Untitled 1 0001 NIU UQIGT PRO


30mph / 59mi Range

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25mph / 25mi Range