Original Niu Tarpaulin

We don’t just sell electric bikes at EcoMove Bristol! Our aim is to have everything to hand under one roof.

We offer a wide range of bike related accessories too. Everything from helmets to car racks, you name it, we have it! When ordering accessories online, anything you add to your basket with a eBike, will arrive fitted to the bike on delivery.

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  • Niu N-Series Rear Rack

    NIU N-Series Rear Rack

    Reinforced rear rack for N Series and N-GT models.

  • Niu Bike Phone Holder

    NIU Bike Phone Holder

    Original NIU Mobile phone holder with mirror attachment. Adjustable and easy to install.

  • Muto Basket Chameleon Xl

    Muto Basket Chameleon XL

    The basket for those who’re serious about groceries or shopping. A big bag is no big deal for the Chameleon XL. This sturdy metal carrier attaches within seconds.

  • Original Niu Tarpaulin

    Original NIU Tarpaulin

    If you want to protect your Niu from wind and weather, the tarpaulin is ideal for this. When collapsed, it is compact and easy to carry.

  • Xlc Urban Helmet

    XLC Urban Helmet

    Not only safe but also trendy – the XLC Urban helmet. Not suitable for riding a NIU.

  • X8 Scooter Battery

    Ezee PLUS Battery

    A spare battery to extend your X8 EZEE scooter range!

    • Detachable Battery
    • Can be charged separately from the scooter
    • Battery Capacity: DC 36V / 10Ah
    • Charger Parameters: DC 42V / 2A
    • Charging Parameters: 5-6 hours
  • Niu Tire Pressure Monitor

    NIU Tire Pressure Monitor

    Valve caps with tire pressure sensor via Bluetooth. A tire pressure monitoring system lets you know when your bike’s tires have either too much or too little air pressure.

  • Muto Bicycle Basket Chameleon M Bamboo

    Muto Basket Chameleon M

    Make panda bears jealous with this sturdy bamboo (or plastic) and metal frame carrier. Combine it with the Jellyfish bag and maximize your Chameleon’s functionality.

  • Niu U-Series Original Niu Storage Box

    U-Series Original NIU Storage Box

    Original Storage box for NIU U Series. Comes with holder. Available in several stunning bright, branded NIU colours.

    NIU Storage Box Mounting Plate required.

  • Original Big Niu Storage Box Multi Colour

    Original Big NIU Storage Box (N and M Series)

    Large 29Ltr NIU Tail box which can easily hold your crash helmet. Comes in various colours to match your NIU Scooter.

  • Abus Bike Lock

    ABUS Bike Lock

    This all-weather-safe cable lock offers keyless security at superb value for money. Its chunky 6mm steel thickness delivers excellent security while its synthetic coating protects your bike’s paintwork. This bike lock has been rigorously tested to withstand the most extreme weather and riding conditions and offers up to 10,000 pin combinations and is pick protected.

  • Niu Moped Keyrings Colours

    NIU Key Ring

    For those who love NIU as much as we do, a keyring featuring the NIU logo. Find your keys quickly with this eye-catching keyring.

  • Original Niu Windshield (N-Series)

    Original NIU Windshield (N-Series)

    Only for N-Series models.

    Drive more comfortably with the windshield that will keep out the wind. The windshield is made of robust, clear acrylic to offer clarity and strength.

  • Niu N-Series Windproof Leg Cover

    NIU N-Series Windproof Leg Cover

    The original NIU windproof leg cover is ideal for protection against rough weather. Suitable for all NIU N models. High-quality original accessories for the NIU N models.

  • Niu Winter Leg Cover

    Original NIU Leg Cover

    Original NIU Leg protection for driving in bad weather.

  • Mobot Verto X7 Certified Electric Scooter Battery Bag

    EZEE Pro Battery Bag

    Carry your spare battery with you in a convenient and lightweight EZEE Pro Battery Bag.

  • X7Bdh Battery Battery For Mini Pro 36V 5 Ah Electric Scooter.jpg Q90.Jpg

    EZEE Pro Battery

    Spare, removable battery for the EZEE Pro. Capacity: 5 AH. Output voltage: 36V. Works as a replacement or spare battery.

  • Stride Baby Body Support

    Stride Baby Body Support

    • Provides extra support for the body
    • Breathable and water-resistant material
    • Detachable
    • Compatible with Stride 2 & 3
  • Stride Bench Cushion

    Stride Bench Cushion

    This bench cushion doubles up as both a seat and back cushion. Got more than one passenger? Each bench in either model can accommodate two cushions next to each other.

  • Stride Maxi Cosi Car Seat Bracket Fitted

    Stride Maxi Cosi Car Seat Bracket

    • Recommended for use with infants at least 3 months old
    • Suitable for virtually every type of maxi cosi
    • In-built suspension
  • Stride Baby Head Support

    Stride 2 & 3 Baby Head Support

    • Provides extra support for the head & neck
    • Breathable and water-resistant material
    • Detachable
    • Compatible with Stride 2 & 3
  • Stride Baby Seat

    Stride 2 & 3 Baby Seat

    • Suitable for babies from 3 to 9 months
    • Water-repellent and breathable material
    • Raised edge for safe and comfortable transport
    • Both Stride models can fit two Baby seats next to each other
  • Stride 3 Extra Bench

    Stride 3 Extra Bench

    This extra bench is easy to install and allows you to accommodate two more mini passengers in your 3-wheel e-cargo bike.

  • Stride 3 Box Cover

    Stride 3 Box Cover

    • Protect your box from the rain
    • Perfect for when you want to keep goods dry during transport
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