Original Niu Tarpaulin

We don’t just sell electric bikes at EcoMove Bristol! Our aim is to have everything to hand under one roof.

We offer a wide range of bike related accessories too. Everything from helmets to car racks, you name it, we have it! When ordering accessories online, anything you add to your basket with a eBike, will arrive fitted to the bike on delivery.

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  • Niu N Rear Rack

    NIU N-Series Rear Rack


    Reinforced rear rack for N Series and N-GT models.

  • Mirider Rear Rack 1

    MiRider Rear Luggage Rack


    Designed specifically for the MiRiDER One.

  • Niu Tire Pressure Monitors

    NIU Tire Pressure Monitor


    Valve caps with tire pressure sensor via Bluetooth.

  • Chameleonxl Side 1000X1000 1

    Muto Basket Chameleon XL


    The basket for those who’re serious about groceries or shopping. A big bag is no big deal for the Chameleon XL. This sturdy metal carrier attaches within seconds.

  • Electric Moped Niu Phone Holder

    NIU Bike Phone Holder


    Original NIU Mobile phone holder with mirror attachment. Adjustable and easy to install.

  • Xlc Urban

    XLC Urban Helmet


    Not only safe but also trendy – the XLC Urban helmet.

  • Niu Keyrings 1

    NIU Key Ring


    A key ring featuring the NIU logo.

  • Chameleonm Bamboo 45 1000X1000 1

    Muto Basket Chameleon M


    Make panda bears jealous with this sturdy bamboo (or plastic) and metal frame carrier. Combine it with the Jellyfish bag and maximize your Chameleon’s functionality.

  • Uqi U Tail Box Storage

    U-Series Original NIU Storage Box


    Original Storage box for NIU U Series. Comes with holder. Available in several stunning bright, branded NIU colours.

    NIU Storage Box Mounting Plate required.

  • Niu Storage Box

    Original Big NIU Storage Box (N and M Series)


    Large 29Ltr NIU Tail box which can easily hold your crash helmet. Comes in various colours to match your NIU Scooter.

  • Niu N Series Waterproof Leg Cover

    NIU N-Series waterproof leg cover


    The original NIU waterproof leg cover is ideal for protection against rain. Suitable for all NIU N models. High-quality original accessories for the NIU N models.

  • Niu Winter Leg Cover

    Original NIU Leg Cover


    Original NIU Leg protection for driving in bad weather.

  • Original Niu Tarpaulin

    Original NIU Tarpaulin


    If you want to protect your Niu from wind and weather, the tarpaulin is ideal for this. When collapsed, it is compact and easy to carry.

  • Mirider Battery Pack 768X768 1

    MiRider Spare Battery Pack


    Lithium-Ion replacement or spare battery pack for the MiRiDER One, ideal to carry as a spare to extend your riding pleasure or always have a full charge. Features LG battery cells giving 7Ah capacity at 36v.

  • Homcom Lugbox

    Homcom Bike Topbox


    48L large capacity internal space.  It comes with all the fixings required to secure to your bike rack and can also be locked using keys.

  • Bolt Topbox 1

    Bolt Bike Topbox


    Universal Top Box 40 L With Large Rear Safety Red Reflector.

  • Muto Seahorse

    Muto Seahorse Battery Bag


    Bringing an additional battery? Put it in this bag, attach it to the Chameleon carrier!

  • Muto Jellyfish

    Muto Jellyfish Bag


    Fits perfectly inside the Chameleon M, attaches with Velcro, and contains big and small compartments for all your essentials.

  • Inner Tube Sealant

    Inner Tube Sealant


    Prevents and repairs flat tyres caused by puncturing objects.

  • Mirider Pannier Bag 1

    MiRider Rear Pannier Bag


    Water-resistant trunk bag that will sit perfectly atop your pannier rack

  • Mirider Bike Storage Bag 1

    MiRider Bike Storage Bag


    Waterproof carry case that has been designed specifically for the MiRiDER One folding eBike

  • Xlmoto 1

    XLMoto Bicycle Backpack


    The backpack sits securely and comfortably in place even at high speeds.

  • Mthelmets

    MTHelmet SV


    High absorption tri-composite helmet with Max Vision Pinlock and removable washable lining.

  • Black Tour 1

    Black Helmet


    Max Vision Flip Front Motorcycle Helmet includes an easy to use drop-down inner sun visor.

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