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5 Ways Electric Mopeds are Helping Our Environment

Electric transport has grown in popularity over the last 10 years and more and more people are making the switch. In order for more people to understand the importance of removing petrol and diesel from our streets, we’ve created a comprehensive list of the ways in which Electric mopeds are helping our environment.

Global warming is a serious issue faced by us all. We all know by now the effects that modern living has had on our environment, and it is now that we must make a change. The actions that we take on a daily basis have serious consequences on our planet. From transport to manufacturing, the pollution we create is causing irreversible damage to our planet.

People around the globe, and of every generation are beginning to consider their own impact and are already beginning to make strides in reducing the effects their actions make on the environment. One of the most effective changes people have made is switching over to electric transport and reducing their carbon footprint.

Electric transport has grown in popularity over the last 10 years and more and more people are making the switch. In order for more people to understand the importance of removing petrol and diesel from our streets, we’ve created a comprehensive list of the ways in which Electric bikes and mopeds are helping our environment.

1. Producing Zero Emissions

Unlike regular petrol run bikes, electric mopeds will produce zero emissions. As opposed to running on petrol or diesel, electric mopeds will run off a battery, therefore they will not produce the huge amounts of carbon emissions than petrol and diesel mopeds do.

Electric mopeds are deemed zero-emission vehicles and are considered to run on clean energy. By using an electric bike, statistics estimate you save around 500 pounds of carbon emissions being emitted into our environment. Whilst we can not reverse the damage already caused by petrol and diesel, we can massively reduce the future impact we may have from being on the road.

Carbon Emissions Of Petrol

2. Longer Lasting Batteries

Petrol and diesel are not the only causes of carbon build-up. Waste is also a contributing factor. Reducing waste can reduce your carbon footprint and create a much cleaner environment.

Electric mopeds produce far less waste than that of petrol and diesel bikes. That’s not to say that electric mopeds do not produce waste, but it is far less when compared to cars and petrol run bikes. Whilst batteries will need replacing, the batteries produced today are much longer-lasting, resulting in fewer batteries ending up in our landfills as they are used for longer periods of time.

Many batteries can also be recycled or reused, giving them an even longer shelf life, resulting in less waste, and in turn less carbon.

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3. Sustainable Energy

One of the most important things we can do to improve our environment is to look to the future and consider the sustainability of the lifestyles we lead. With the use of electric mopeds comes the possibility of utilising sustainable energy very near in the future. It’s not too far-fetched to consider the use of wind and solar energy.

This alternative to standard electricity offers to help reduce your carbon footprint even more and we may be closer to achieving this than you think. Modern technology is always advancing, and with a better understanding of the environment, steps are being taken to make this greener option a reality. Solar-powered charging points may well become accessible and more affordable for those wanting a greener lifestyle.

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4. Saving Our Roadways

Heavy vehicles do a lot of damage to our roads. In a country that experiences different kinds of weather, continual heavy loads on our streets take its toll and cause a lot of damage that costs us both time and money. Not to mention how dangerous this can make the roads.

Electric mopeds and bikes are usually much lighter than petrol ones, due to not carrying heavy engines. Therefore electric vehicles cause far less damage to our roadways, making them safer and easier to maintain with fewer repairs needed.

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5. Preventing Air Pollution

Air pollution is another serious problem, particularly within our city centres. It can lead to breathing problems and cause long term health issues. The accumulation of polluting fumes from vehicles can also create Smog, a type of pollution so bad that it’s actually visible.

This smog is devastating to people, animals and the environment. In order to prevent smog, we must ensure that we are responsible and work to minimise the pollution in our towns and cities.

By using electric vehicles such as electric mopeds, bikes and scooters, you can ensure that you’re not contributing to air pollution and help prevent future smog. As more and more people make the switch to electric, we can make sure that our cities do not experience smog ever again. We can also create healthier residential areas and improve overall health for citizens.

Air Pollution In Bristol

Why Not Switch to An Electric Moped Today?

Why not switch today and help us work towards a better future for us and our planet. At EcoMove, we not only want to help our riders find the perfect electric vehicle, but we also want to help reduce carbon and deliver transport that is sustainable and environmentally friendly.

If you’re interested in switching to electric, then check out our NIU Electric mopeds below. If you’d like to learn more or have questions on which moped is right for you, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch here.

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