Electric Transport For Cbt Training Schools

Working With CBT Training schools nationwide

offering riding schools fleet discounts.

EcoMove has worked closely with some of the best riding schools in the UK and is working to build our very own directory of riding school partners.

If your riding school is currently in need of an electric fleet then you could benefit from the many offers and discounts available with EcoMove.

The Benefits of an Electric Training Fleet

Electric Transport is becoming more and more popular and now more than ever, people are looking for more sustainable transport solutions.

Whilst having an electric fleet may well be something that schools already have, they may be facing challenges that make them question their choice of moped. That’s where we come in.

At EcoMove we sell the world’s leading electric mopeds, the perfect choice for those who are looking to learn.

Why Choose NIU?

NIU is the leading brand in electric mopeds with over 600,000 sold worldwide.

The mopeds are comfortable and incredibly easy to ride, making them ideal for people who are still learning and building their confidence on the bikes.

Furthermore, the NIU mopeds are also incredibly robust, so there’s no need to concern yourself when bikes get bumped during training.

Cash in on Electric Fleet Discounts

EcoMove offers riding schools bespoke fleet discounts based on their requirements. Whether you’re looking to add one or two electric mopeds to your fleet, or looking for a bulk discount. Get in touch with our team to find out how much you could save.

Trade Your Old For Niu

Trade-in your Existing mopeds

Already Have an Electric Fleet? Upgrade today and trade in your existing mopeds for something NIU.

Our part exchange offer, enables schools to save a fortune on their upgrade and removes the hassle of selling their old scooters.

To Learn more about trading in your old fleet email us on info@eco-move.co.uk or give us a call on 0117 3739 322 today!

Servicing Contracts

To keep your NIU fleet on the go, EcoMove offers long term servicing contracts to CBT training schools. So you never need to worry if something goes wrong, simply bring them to us and we’ll get them fixed.

This provided training schools with the complete package that they can rely on. The best electric mopeds, the best service and ongoing support.

Ecomove And Niu Dealership In Bristol
Discount For Your Cbt Customers

Discount for your customers

We don’t just deliver rewards for training schools, we also reward their customers too! This is part of our approach to getting more people choosing electric.

We’ll offer exclusive discounts and offers to your customers when you refer them to our store.

Each riding school gets their very own, unique, discount code that they can share with customers and staff. Each school will also get a mention on our website!

How our CBT Offer for Training Schools Works

Step 1:

We will provide a list of our partners for our customers to choose from based on location and availability.

Your students book their CBT with you.

Step 2:

On completion of their scheduled training, you will need to provide your student with an invoice or proof of payment.

Be sure to instruct them to either save this document or take a photograph of it as we will need a copy.

Step 3:

Your students can then send us their invoice before they purchase to receive a checkout coupon for the value of their CBT fee, or, purchase an NIU first and send their CBT invoice for a discount that EcoMove will refund via bank transfer.

10% Off Accessories:

We care about your student’s safety. In order to ensure that riders are fully kitted with everything they need, we offer 10% off accessories to anyone referred to us by one of our partnering schools. EcoMove will provide you with a referral card and an in-store pull-up banner to promote this offer.

* Discount maximum value of £170
** Offer only applies to our CBT training school suppliers listed below

Choosing Your Fleet

Schools can choose from our wide range of NIU Electric Moped models. From the small, lightweight Uqi Pro to the larger, more diverse M-series.