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E Cargo And Electric Delivery Bike

Electric Cargo Trikes are an environmentally friendly alternative to some other modes of transportation. They are fully tax-deductible for businesses, they have no parking costs, minimal running costs (charging the battery and servicing) and do not require a licence or road tax. Studies show that they can be more efficient and improve a company’s image-making customers more likely to repeat purchase, this survey also shows that people were happy to pay up to 5% more on goods and services from sustainable businesses.

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  • Raleigh Stride 3 Cargo E-Trike

    Raleigh Stride 3 – E-Cargo Tricycle

    Powered by a 500WH Bosch battery, the Raleigh Stride 3 gives you everything you need to get from A to B without breaking a sweat. With a range of up to 40miles and a cargo capacity of 100kg, the Stride is ready to help you take on your day.

  • Raleigh E-Cargo – Electric Cargo Trike Product

    Raleigh E-Cargo – Electric Cargo Trike XL

    The Raleigh Electric cargo Trike is specifically designed with deliveries in mind. It tackles hills with ease as the electric motor provides assistance up to 15.5mph with a range of up to 40 miles on a single charge. The stable three-wheel design allows users to get on and off easily with a low step frame. The sturdy composite box with a 900-litre capacity offers ultimate ease of use.


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