Frequently Asked Questions


What Makes Us Eco?

Please see our About Us page for all the great reasons you should choose EcoMove and to find out what puts the eco in EcoMove.


What Are the Running Costs?

The charging for all our vehicles the operating costs are minimal beyond the usual wear and tear of tyres and brake pads. Charging our vehicles costs 1p/ mile and the average running costs of our e-mopeds are 15% of non-electric vehicles as they have very few moving parts. An MOT is not required for the scooters or e-bikes however one is due 3 years after purchase for our mopeds just like there would be for any other vehicle, this is usually minimal in cost as there are few moving parts and few things that can go wrong.


What Servicing and After-Sales Support Does EcoMove Provide?

Electric mopeds are more reliable and require less maintenance than a petrol equivalent thanks to the reduced amount of moving parts. The main components that will need repair are brake pads and tyres. This work can be carried out by most local garages or repair shops. Work carried out by established, reputable businesses will not invalidate the warranty. We offer scooter and e-bike maintenance services as well.


Can I Ride Away on The Day of Purchase?

For scooters and e-bikes yes, for e-mopeds no, they need to be registered to the DVLA first.


How Long Does Delivery Take?

For all our products, it depends on stock and for the e-mopeds how long it takes to register the vehicle with the DVLA, we aim to deliver between 10-14 days after purchase. For our Scooters and e-bikes, you can pick them up the same day in-store or we offer next day delivery through our partners at Diamond.


How Do I Get My License?

You can get a CBT and full license through any registered motorcycle training school If you purchase a CBT through our partners at Ace Training you will receive a discount when you purchase an e-moped from us.


Can I Pay in Installments/Finance?

Yes, you can either pay with Klarna or Close Brothers, you can choose the deposit and your repayment period for up to 24 months.


What Finance Options Are Available?

Close Brothers – Payment for e-mopeds can be spread over the course of up to 24 months with our partners at Close Brothers.

Paypal credit – Interest-free credit.

Klarna – Our e-scooters and e-bikes can be purchased through Klarna with interest-free credit for either 6 or 24 months.


Do I Need a Credit Check in Order to Get Finance?

Yes, they will also need proof of address.


Can I Pay Off My Finance Installments Early?

Yes, You can.


Do I Need to Pay a Deposit in Order to Get Finance?

No, but the larger the upfront payment the smaller the monthly payments are.


Does Eco Move Provide Insurance?

We do not, but we can point you towards our partners at Lexham moped insurance where you can get a discount if you mention us here at EcoMove or simply give the discount code Lex-65551  LEX 65551  LEX 65551


Can I Use Any Insurance Company to Insure My Moped?

Yes, we can recommend MCN compare to find insurance for e-vehicles.


How Much Does Insurance Cost?

Roughly between £80-400 per year. It depends on your age when you passed your drivers test, where you store the vehicle at night etc.


Are Insurance Payments Fixed?

This depends on who you insure with. Please contact your insurance company for information on this.


Can I Switch My Insurance?

This depends on who you insure with. Please contact your insurance company for information on this.


Do I Need Insurance Before I Can Ride My Moped?

Yes, as this is a fully road legal vehicle it must by law have Insurance.


Can I Cancel My Order?

Yes, prior to delivery. For more information, please see our Refund Policy.


My Electric Scooter is faulty/damaged?

If it has not violated warranty then we will fix it for you with our in house technician.


What Does the Warranty Cover?

On an e-moped it is 3-year battery and 2-year parts excluding general wear and tear, on scooters, it is 3 months excluding general wear and tear.

Electric Scooters

Are Electric Scooters Legal in the UK?

Yes, However E-Scooters are only to be used on private land with owners’ consent, not public roads and pavements. See the Government website for more information


What Is the Best Electric Scooter for Adults?

It depends on your journey, short or long, hilly or flat we offer a range of scooters that we can tailor to your specific journey.


When I Will Need to Replace My Electric Scooter Battery?

All our scooters have an expected battery life of 10 years, when you are done with it we offer replacement ones and we can recycle the used batteries.


Can I Get a Custom Skin for My E-Scooter?

Yes, you can buy products online but we currently do not offer these.


Can I Ride My Electric Scooter on The Road?

Private E-Scooters are not to be used on public roads in the UK.


Can I Purchase Accessories from Eco Move?

Yes, We sell a range of accessories from, additional batteries to extend your range, a battery carrying case to carry our removable batteries, locks etc.


Is the KIQ Scooter Suitable for Children and Adults?

KIQ scooters are designed for adults, however, older children may ride them comfortably.


Do I Need Insurance?

For e-scooters and -bikes there is no insurance recommended by law but you can take additional insurance.


Is There a Weight Limit for Riding an Electric Scooter?

There is only a recommended weight limit and this varies between 100-120kg model dependent.


Are Electric Scooters Cheaper than Public Transport?

Yes, with a scooter costing as little as £399 and then cost of charging it less than 1p/ mile it is much cheaper than a 1 month Freedom Travelpass bus pass from First which costs £100 per month every month.


How Long Does an Electric Scooter Battery Take to Charge?

It depends on the model but it can be as little as 2-3 hours.


How Many Miles Can an Electric Scooter Travel on A Single Charge?

It depends on the model but it can be up to 28 miles.


What’s Involved with The Maintenance of An Electric Scooter?

Simply charge the battery as and when you need to and the occasional puncture repair. This occurs only as often as it does on bicycles and we can fix these in house. All our scooters have a 3 month warranty.


Do I Need a License?

For e-bike and e-scooters, no license is required.

Electric Bicycles

How Do I Charge an Electric Bike?/ Do I Need to Charge an Electric Bike?

You can either plug the bike into the mains and charge it directly or to improve convenience you can remove the battery and charge it separately.


Does the Electric Bike Come with Lights?

Yes, Our e-bikes are equipped with an LED headlight, ideal for riding at night or darker days in winter. It is also equipped with a red reflector and reflectors on the wheel rims to improve visibility.


How Fast Can an Electric Bike Go?

The top speed of our folding e-bike is 25km/h or 15.5mph (the UK legal limit)


Can I Get a Custom Skin for My Electric Bike?

You can find these online but we do not currently stock them.


Can I Mount a Child’s Seat to An Electric Bike?

On the particular model we sell, no.


Do You Need to Pedal an Electric Bike?

By law, you need to pedal in order to access the electric assist. However, you can change the level of assistance you receive with 5 variable levels with an additional boost to get you away from traffic or up steep hills quicker.


Does an Electric Bike Require Special Maintenance?

No more than a regular bike.


Can a Child Ride an Electric Bike?

Yes, as long as the child is 14 or over.


Where Can I Ride an Electric Bike?

The e-bikes you can ride in all cycle lanes and all highways with the exception of motorways including bus lanes.


Can You Insure an Electric Bike?

For e-scooters and -bikes there is no insurance recommended by law but you can take additional insurance.


Do I Need to Cover an Electric Bike from Rain?

An e-bike requires the same maintenance as a regular bike, it can be used in the rain but should be stored inside in a dry area.


What Accessories Do I Need for An Electric Bike?

A Helmet should be worn when riding the electric bike, as legally required in the UK, for your safety.


Do I Need a License?

For e-bike and e-scooters, no license is required

Electric Mopeds

What Licence Do I Need to Ride an Electric Moped?

If you passed your driving test before 2001 then you will only need to do a 1 day CBT to ride a moped. You can do this for a discounted price through our partners at Ace training. If you passed your drivers test after this then you will need to do a 1 day CBT and then ride with L plates, this will last for 2 years after this then you will either need to renew your CBT or take an A1 motorbike test. For more information visit the “License Required” section under the E-Store section of our website or alternatively visit the government website


Do I Need to Pay Road Tax for An Electric Moped?

Zero, zip nothing. As these are all electric vehicles, they do not need to pay road tax.


Do I Need Motor Insurance?

For E-mopeds they are a larger vehicle and require insurance as your car does, this is typically between £80-£400 per year. This can be achieved through our partners at Lexham insurance


Does an Electric Moped Require Special Maintenance?

E-mopeds require a lot less maintenance than their petrol counterparts as there are much fewer moving parts and no liquids or grease. As with any vehicle they require an MOT 3 years after purchase but there is little that can go wrong and they are on average more reliable. All our mopeds have a warranty of 2 years and the batteries have a warranty of 3 years.


How Do I Remove the Battery?

Simply unlock the seat and unplug the battery and lift it out using the handle, it is very easy. See here for a video of how to do it. 


How Do I Charge an Electric Moped?

You can easily charge the e-moped in situ using a 3 pin mains plug or you can remove the battery and charge it separately to improve convenience see here for a video on it


What Is the Top Speed of An Electric Moped?

We sell 50cc equivalent e-moped which are limited to 30mph, in addition, we also sell 125cc e-motorbike equivalent that is limited to 45mph.


Can I Ride in The Bus Lane with An Electric Moped?

Yes and any other public highway except a motorway.


Do I Need to Pay Congestion Charges if I Have an Electric Moped?

Nope, as these are e-vehicles there is nothing to pay.


How Old Do You Need to Be to Ride on An Electric Moped?

16 for a 50cc equivalent e-moped (limited to 30mph) and 17 for a 125cc e-moped  limited to (45mph)see the Government webpage for more information


How Long Does It Take to Charge an Electric Moped?

It depends on the model but as little as 4 hours, we recommend never letting the battery fully run out and instead charge it little and often as you do with your phone.


Do the Electric Mopeds Come with Warranty?

All of our vehicles come with at least a 1-year warranty, our e-mopeds come with a 2-year warranty and the batteries that power them come with a 3-year warranty. If something does go wrong with your vehicle which cannot be rectified by a local workshop, please get in touch with us. We are able to collect the vehicle from you and attempt to fix on-site, and if not will bring it back to our workshop. While we endeavour to keep costs as low as possible. Delivery & service charges may apply.


How Far Can an Electric Moped Travel on A Single Charge?

It varies massively depending on the model but they can go between 22-90 miles on a single charge.


Do I Need to Cover My Electric Moped from Rain?

We recommend treating the e-moped as you would a petrol one or a convertible car – ideally keep it indoors but if that is not possible then use a rain cover.


Where Can I Ride Them?

For our mopeds, you can ride them on any public highway including dual carriageways and bus lanes you cannot ride them on motorways. For scooters please see the government website:

Bristol Test Track

Which Vehicles Can I Test Ride?

Any and all from our e-mopeds, e-scooters, e-bikes.


Do I Need to Bring My License to The Test Track?

No, as this is private land you do not need a license.


Do I Need to Pay to Use the Test Track?

Nope, our test track is free to use with no obligation.


Where Is Your Test Track?

Our test track is situated in our Bristol store based on Hotwell road just down from the SS Great Britain.


When Is the Test Track Open?

Our test track is open all day with our usual business hours which are Tuesday-Saturday 10:00-17:00, Sunday 11:00-16:00.

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