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Yuba Bike – Front Eco Deck


The eco-friendly front loading platform: your versatile cargo solution!

MUST ALWAYS BE MOUNTED ON A RACK (NOT INCLUDED), see compatibility information below.

Adaptable to suit your needs

Add this front loading platform to your Base Rack or Front rack for added versatility. Its modular platform allows you to carry all kinds of objects; boxes, your groceries or even a travel bag. Secure your load with numerous integrated notches for Yuba Utility Straps.


  • Made from plastic recycled in France
  • Reversible metal edges
  • Integrated slots for straps
  • Load limit: 23kg


Must always be mounted on a Rack (NOT INCLUDED), see compatibility information below.

Front Rack (for bikes with top tube mounting; TT) : KombiFastRackSpicy Curry (V1, V2, V3), Mundo LuxMundo EP8
Base Rack (for bikes with a head tube mounting system; HT) : Kombi E6, latest versions of Kombi E5

Ht / Tt Explication

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    Yuba Bike – Front Eco Deck