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Gocycle GX Luggage Rack


Compatible with Gocycle GX and GXi models only.

Want to turn your Gocycle GX / GXi into the ultimate urban travel companion? Look no further than our bespoke Gocycle GX Luggage Rack – a Gocycle commuting essential!

The single-sided design fully integrates with the GX / GXi fast-folding system which enables you to leave it attached when folding your bike.

Need a more compact package? The Gocycle GX Luggage Rack can be easily and quickly removed to suit your storage needs.

The lightweight rear luggage rack features robust 14mm diameter pannier tubing which is compatible with most modern rear panniers.

Max loading capacity – 10kg/22lbs.

5mm Allen Key Required to fit the Gocycle GX Luggage Rack.

Commuting on your Gocycle?

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