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Gocycle Torque Tool Kit


You can now perform a self check-up on your Gocycle with the Torque Tool Kit and GocycleConnect App.

The Gocycle Torque Tool Kit enables you to perform a self-check-up on your Gocycle, guided by the Self Check-Up section of the GocycleConnect ® App.

The GocycleConnect ® App Self Check-Up includes visual checks and bolt torque checks as part of the recommended 500 miles / every 3 months inspection.

Responsible, safe riding and regular maintenance will ensure you get many thousands of miles of operation from your Gocycle.

Please update your GocycleConnect ® app to the latest version for Self Check-Up functionality.


The Gocycle Torque Tool Kit contains:

  • Torque Wrench (2Nm – 12Nm)
  • 2.5mm Hex Bit
  • 3mm Hex Bit
  • 4mm Hex Bit
  • 5mm Hex Bit
  • T30 Torx Bit
  • Long T25 Torx Bit
  • Ball End 5mm Bit

How to use the Gocycle Torque tool:

  1. Select the correct tool bit listed in the app.
  2. Attach the tool bit to the torque tool.
  3. Locate the bolt to be tightened on the Gocycle.
  4. Insert the tool bit into the bolt head ensuring it is fully seated.
  5. Keep pressure applied on the tool towards the head of the bolt, Rotate the tool clock-wise until the pin points to the correct Newton meter (Nm) for the bolt.

The Gocycle torque tool must only be used clock-wise to tighten bolts. Using the tool to undo bolts will cause the tool to lose calibration.

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