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Businesses are looking to improve the wellbeing of their staff, making it easier to get to work and less stressful when they get there. Balancing this with the need to increase efficiency and drive costs down then, Think Electric, Think NIU e-Moped. They are cheaper to run than any car with a 3 year cost of ownership approximately 15% of either a petrol or hybrid car. So, Stop! Think about your transport policy. You’ll be surprised when you do the maths.

Policy & Benefits

  • Adopt and implement a Zero Carbon transport footprint for your business
  • Dramatic cut in journey times means predictability; employees punctuality
  • Shorter journey times reduce stress. Arrive calmer
  • Set aside space to park bikes and e-mopeds close to the entrance of your building to improve ease of use
  • Adopt a free charging policy for employees to re-charge batteries at work (it’s normally only 20p for a top-up charge)
  • Give time off work to take a CBT test or look to set a test on your premises if you have the numbers. Subsidise through the business.
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Look closely at your business and its transport policy. When was the last time you reviewed the process of who and what you transport? Why not have a blended transport policy by adopting both electric cars and mopeds and using the most appropriate, depending on the journey that needs to be undertaken? By cutting your journey times and reducing capital outlay you will save money and reduce your carbon footprint.

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Government Grant

20% of the RRP


Running Costs

Less than 1p/mile

Maintenance Cost

Very low as they don’t have an engine and come with a Panasonic battery & Bosche motor


Journey times

If you do cross city/town journeys cut them by 50%

Businesses that are changing

  • Doctors – Put your medical bag in the basket for home visits
  • Water Companies – Collecting water samples
  • Car Dealerships – Delivering a car to a customer; following behind & returning on a moped
  • Food Delivery – We have a special delivery box
  • Accountants & Lawyers – On client visits
  • Estate Agents – For viewings or lettings evaluations
  • Engineers – Carrying out site visits
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Anyone and everyone can easily ride one with only the most basic training. Their ease of use is more like a mobile phone: sleek, fun, cool and an important part of your life.

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EcoMove as a business

First, we want to open up the e-moped market to a new demographic: urban commuters, students, previous non-riders – harnessing social media to introduce people to the product and its advantages. We also want to reach existing bikers, with a view to converting existing petrol bikes to electric.

Next, we’re looking to partner with businesss and organisations to help them reduce their carbon footprint at the same time as reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

Ultimately, we want to help people get to their destinations quicker and cheaper whilst reducing the negative impact on the environment.

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EcoMove has partnered with Trees for Cities who have planted over 1,000,000 urban trees in parks, streets, woodlands, schools, hospitals and housing estates since they started in 1993. EcoMove will plant one tree for every moped we sell which will bring real benefits to our cities, health and wellbeing.

Just remember when you buy one of our mopeds you will also plant a tree!

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45mph / 83mi Range



45mph / 65mi Range

Untitled 1 0003 NIU NQIGTS PRO


30mph / 96mi Range

Untitled 1 0004 NIU NQI SPORT


30mph / 53mi Range

Untitled 1 0002 NIU MQI SPORT


30mph / 62mi Range

Untitled 1 0001 NIU UQIGT PRO


30mph / 59mi Range

Untitled 1 0000 NIU UQI PRO


25mph / 25mi Range