KIQ Electric Scooter

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The PRO comes with a high capacity PANASONIC battery and bigger wheels for more range and an even smoother ride.

It also includes a battery shoulder bag!

Limited Stock – please call for information on colours available.

E-Scooters are only to be used on private land with owners’ consent, not public roads and pavements.

Choose Your Model
  • 10″ Air Tyres
  • 6.4Ah Panasonic Battery
  • 12-16mi Range
  • 13kg
  • Including Battery bag
  • Download Spec. Sheet
EZEE plus

Need to travel further? Check out EcoMove’s dual battery, EZEE Plus e-scooter.

Lighter frame.
Bigger wheels.
More functions.

About KIQ

The world is getting more and more crowded and the roads keep on getting busier. Commuting through the city has become quite the opposite: instead of moving we are stuck in traffic. People are growing agitated and impatient, so why continue down this path?

Together we can change the world by participating in innovative ways of living our daily lives. Whether it’s the way you eat or how you recycle your garbage, the key is progressing and improving the world that we live in.

Our Mission

Creating a community of electric kick scooter enthusiasts to push and accelerate the evolution of urban mobility, so that our daily commute to work, school and home can become more pleasant in an emission free environment.

Get your KIQ scooter today and join the revolution of urban mobility!


350W Brushless High-Performance Motor

kiq scooter profile pic
KIQ front taller

It’s taller.
Due to its new handlebar height of 116.6cm, KIQ II feels smoother, safer and more stable even for taller riders.

KIQ foldable scooter

It’s lighter.
KIQ II’s frame is made of aviation-grade alloy, making it light-weight and easy to carry anywhere.

KIQ battery system

Removable battery.
Removing the battery is very easy. Charge it at school, at the office or at home. Buy an extra battery and double your range!

KIQ breaking system

Triple brake system.
The KIQ II sports a disc brake, regenerative motor brake, and a fender brake in case of emergency.

KIQ foldable scooter

Lightweight design. Carriable with one hand

The KIQ II only weighs in at 13kg, making it super easy and convenient to fold up and carry. The scooter features simple geometric anti-skid handles which are designed for long term riding and grip.

Integrated Headlight

Fitted with an integrated LED headlight illuminates your journey.

Throttle Control

A red thumb twist throttle provides accurate control over your acceleration and speed.

Brushless Motor

The powerful 350W Brushless motor delivers fast acceleration and responsive handling.

Larger Tyres

Fitted with 10″ tyres, the Pro version delivers a smooth ride more comfortable than most eScooters, absorbing bumps and shocks in the road.

Disc Brake

Fitted with 3 brakes, the KIQ II is safe to ride. Disc brakes on the rear wheel give controlled slowing through the handlebar lever, along with regenerative motor braking and a standard rear foot brake for emergencies.

Rear Light

The rear LED light gives visibility to people behind you, too.

Removable Battery

Unlike other eScooters, the battery can be easily removed for charging at home, office or café. Simply unlock the battery compartment and lift the battery out.

The battery can also be charged while onboard the Scooter, if required.

Easy Fold

The KIQ II folds flat in a matter of seconds, ready for you to carry it up stairs or onto public transport with an inbuild rubber rest prevents damage to the rear wheel when folded.


A crisp, white on black LED display ensures you can easily see speed and battery status while on the move.


An on board bell lets you alert people around you that you’re coming through!


6.4Ah Panasonic Battery, 12-15.5mi Range

kiq electric scooter in street


Max range


Folding time


Walking speed

Battery 2
Batterybag 5
Batterybag 4
Batterybag 1
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EcoMove has partnered with Trees for Cities who have planted over 1,000,000 urban trees in parks, streets, woodlands, schools, hospitals and housing estates since they started in 1993. EcoMove will plant one tree for every moped we sell which will bring real benefits to our cities, health and wellbeing.

Just remember when you buy one of our mopeds you will also plant a tree!

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45mph / 83mi Range



45mph / 65mi Range

Untitled 1 0003 NIU NQIGTS PRO


30mph / 96mi Range

Untitled 1 0004 NIU NQI SPORT


30mph / 53mi Range

Untitled 1 0002 NIU MQI SPORT


30mph / 62mi Range

Untitled 1 0001 NIU UQIGT PRO


30mph / 59mi Range

Untitled 1 0000 NIU UQI PRO


25mph / 25mi Range