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Look E-post Ti White


LOOK has developed its own patented integrated seat post system: the E-Post.

A series of elastomers completely isolate the post from the frame: no part of the E-Post other than the elastomers is in contact with the frame. The roads minishocks and vibrations are absorbed by the elastomers, the hardness of which is interchangeable (black elastomer = hard, red = average and grey = flexible). It thus offers personalized settings adapted to the different types of roads, to the mileage, and to the cyclists preferences.

Its oblong shape means the seatpost is always in line with the frames axis and prevents it from rotating. For more personalization, the E-Post is adjustable up to 3 cm in height by adding spacers.

It is a system that brings comfort to cyclists, offers a large range of settings, and (with its hidden hardware) compliments the integration aesthetics.



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Look E-post Ti White