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MATE X Electric Bike 750w – Hydraulic Brakes

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The Mate X delivers more than the average electric bike with its strong frame, powerful motor, and huge tyres.

Available with either a 250W or 750W motor, this incredible electric powered bike can travel up to 60 miles and charges in just 7 hours.

The Mate X comes in a range of different colours to suit any style and folds for added convenience.

If you’re looking for a bold electric bike that will turn heads, then this is the Mate for you.

  • 50-60 Mile Range
  • 750w motor
  • Foldable
  • Hydraulic Brake

MATE X with a 750W motor, up to 60m range, Colour display and Hydraulic Brakes.

  • 50 Mile Range
  • 750w motor
  • Foldable

4 reviews for MATE X Electric Bike 750w – Hydraulic Brakes

  1. Avatar Of Jimmy


    The white looks so clean and crisp. Love the bike, it chews through the hills in my area like butter!

  2. Avatar Of Mark


    Just finished my first long ride and I can comfortably recommend this bike. Loads of power, amazing range and really comfortable.

  3. Avatar Of Jane


    Bit heavier than I was expecting but it is super comfortable and got a load of oomph!

  4. Avatar Of Shamz


    The power on this is insaneee! What a mad bit of fun and excitement!!

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    MATE X Electric Bike 750w – Hydraulic Brakes