Meet The Team

Gaze upon all of our lovely faces!

Our team brings together talent, passion, experience, and creativity. All ideas are welcome, and every success is celebrated.



Director & Co-Founder

With Over 20 years of experience in Marketing, Communications, and corporate Leadership, my goal has always been to ensure that my children inherit a cleaner Earth than the one I was born into.

It’s my belief that if everyone does their little bit, then the benefits will mount up. And that’s what EcoMove is all about.

My main purpose is to drive EcoMove forward and build on our business developments and business relations.

FYI: I’m with Stupid  >>>



Director & CEO

With over 20 years of experience in sales, marketing and distribution, I wanted to take my knowledge and invest my time in the future.

Ted and I founded EcoMove, believing that electric personal transport is the future and by making the switch, we can have a more positive impact on the environment.

Leading by example, I take responsibility for leading our sales team and sourcing new business ventures that align with our green initiative.

FYI: I’m young, not stupid!



Director & Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

After 12 years running my own business, I closed shop to join John and Ted as a full-time Director of EcoMove. I worked with John on the initial conceptualisation of EcoMove (it’s my logo on the door).

I believe the future of EcoMove is bright and our company goals will have a big eco-environmental impact.

As CTO, I take an active role in maintaining our online shopping experience, our in-store tech infrastructure, and client satisfaction management.

Hidden Talent: I’m Super Saiyan



Sales & Logistics

At EcoMove, I focus on sales and lead generation both in-store and online. I also head up logistics, making me the man in charge of getting products to our customers and keeping them updated on their orders. It also means that I rarely sit still for too long.

Favourite Excuse: I’m colour blind



Sales & Communications

Since experiencing great success with my own e-commerce store, Ride in Style, and the sale of riding accessories and safety gear, I bought my products to EcoMove to sell in-store alongside their products. I also work alongside other team members, promoting and generating new leads.

Dislikes: Having my picture taken



Electric Bike & Scooter Technician

You name it, I fix it. I‘m the lead technician in charge of getting our bikes and scooters ready for sale. I also keep customers on the road with serving and repairs. What can I say, I’m a busy man with dirty hands.

Lame Joke: Why couldn’t the bike stand up? It was two tired.




I take care of EcoMove’s digital marketing, SEO, and offline marketing strategies. This mostly involves dreaming up ideas and putting them into action in order to spread the word about EcoMove. It also involves looking at a lot of data analytics and translating them into something useful. It’s fun… I promise.

Hang on… I need to overthink this



Electric Moped Technician

I’ve been part of EcoMove from the very beginning. You’ll find me taking care of the electric mopeds. From servicing, repairs, and maintenance. Keeping the electric mopeds looking NIU is what I do!

Favourite Food: Falafel!!




You’re looking at the first person to sell an NIU at EcoMove! As one of the first team members to join EcoMove, I tend to work weekends, holidays and lend a helping hand during events. I’m also a part time model for our NIU accessory.

Hates: Wearing hats