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MiRider One Rapid Charger

Fast Charger!


Now it’s possible to charge your MiRiDER even faster. The NEW MiRiDER rapid charger is developed to charge the battery from flat to full in just 90 minutes*.

Robust and manufactured to our own high standards, this unit is supplied with a 2.3m long cable connecting the Power Source Plug to the Battery Charging Plug via the Transformer.

Whether your commuting on the train, working in the office or relaxing in a cafe, the rapid charger gives the battery a fast charge when time is limited.

Using this accessory could not be simpler with the charging status being illustrated using a Red ‘charging’ light, and a Green ‘charged’ light.

Note: it is more likely that the battery will need to be removed from the bike to use this charger. The bike cannot be charged with the battery installed and the bike in a folded state.

*Times can vary slightly.


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