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MiRider Rear Luggage Rack


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Designed specifically for the MiRiDER One.

Designed specifically for the MiRiDER One, this handy rack can simply be retro fitted to your bike for added versatility.

Its light weight metal construction can carry loads of up to 10kgs and fixes to the bike in three locations, all of which are conveniently already on the bike.

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4 reviews for MiRider Rear Luggage Rack

  1. Avatar Of Alan


    Sturdy and easy to fit, bish bash bosh, done.

    1 product
  2. Avatar Of Riley


    Had an issue with my new MiRider and the EcoMove team fitter one of these for me as an apology… man, it really does make a big difference, it sounds odd, but I am now happy for the inconvenience 🙂 Thanks to the team.

    1 product
  3. Avatar Of Leo


    A “must have” when buying a MiRider. I have paired mine with a generic basket to haul my work kit.

    1 product
  4. Avatar Of John


    The perfect addition to my MiRider, waited far too long to get one and I am glad I eventually did.

    1 product
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