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MT TRAIL SPORT, 1-finger HC lever blade

Item number: 2701389


  • Recommended brake discs: Storm HC + CL / MDR-C + CL 160 / 180 / 203 mm; MDR-P 180 / 203 / 220 mm

100% trail braking performance for your price-conscious customers!

It has almost as much bite as its big brother and is just as light and sensitive.
The MAGURA entry into the 4/2 brake piston concept, with safe power for trail use.

  • The MT Trail Sport has the braking power of the MT5 and the modulation of the MT8
  • The new 1-finger HC aluminium lever blade has been ergonomically optimized and is now also suitable for riders with somewhat smaller hands.
  • Thanks to its modified geometry, it can be ridden closer to the handlebars, resulting in increased control and more comfort on long descents.
  • Its increased piston retraction makes the MT Trail Sport particularly dependable in continuous use. Mounting is also fast and the MT Trail Sport is friction-free.

MAGURA offers a five-year leak proof guarantee for all MAGURA brake masters and brake calipers / cylinders, provided they are exclusively equipped with original MAGURA Spare Parts.

Scope of delivery
  • 1 brake for front wheel (4 piston)
  • 1 brake for rear wheel (2 piston)
  • Accessories
  • Instructions

Trail, All Mountain, eMTB, eMobility, Trekking, Tour, Cargo Bike




230 g, 250 g

Pistons brake caliper

4 pistons, 2 pistons

Material Master


Lever blade type

1-finger HC lever blade

Brake pad

7.P, 8.P, Performance

Tubing connection brakecaliper

Rotatable tube connection

Reach Adjust

3 mm allen key

Gearshift compatibility

Shimano I-Spec I+II, SRAM Matchmaker®, Shimano I-Spec EV



Material of lever blade


Model year


Tubing length

1,000 mm, 2,000 mm

Flip Flop


Brake type

Disc brakes

Mounting position

Front wheel, Rear wheel

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