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With a catalogue of more than 25 different accessories, we’ve got a carrier solution for you. And if you find that you have a mobility need that we have not made yet, let us know and we will find one for you.

We’re always on the lookout for new ways to help you bring more to the Muto experience.

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    Muto Basket Chameleon XL


    The basket for those who’re serious about groceries or shopping. A big bag is no big deal for the Chameleon XL. This sturdy metal carrier attaches within seconds.

  • E75A724743Aba11352457C8D78Feafeed215Ea6A 1

    Muto Basket Chameleon M


    Make panda bears jealous with this sturdy bamboo (or plastic) and metal frame carrier. Combine it with the Jellyfish bag and maximize your Chameleon’s functionality.

  • D4Cb607630C78F60835Ad104585C6643Fc3914Cf

    Muto Seahorse Battery Bag


    Bringing an additional battery? Put it in this bag, attach it to the Chameleon carrier!

  • 696Ee27Fd1873A4364E13Bf8Eeb0E403860E634F

    Muto Jellyfish Bag


    Fits perfectly inside the Chameleon M, attaches with Velcro, and contains big and small compartments for all your essentials.

  • 9Dd8969254Bde72F064217Aa6A90D774C4829Bfe

    Muto Spare Charger


    Never run out of juice! The powerful Lizzard offers a full battery in just 3 hours. Bring it in your favorite Muto bag for that added reassurance during long trips.

  • 6Fc51Ede85Efc28Fc4C3C7E7393F224Edd32Bbc7

    Muto Battery Case


    Bringing an additional battery? Put it in this bag, attach it to the Chameleon carrier (not included), or put it in a Muto bag to keep it perfectly dry. The lined material repels water.

  • 98C5Ddda4961A1Dd940A1A882Ffa49C4419C41B1

    Muto Extra Battery


    Double the capacity, double the pleasure. An extra battery for longer distances and for those who want to explore the city. Combine it with the Seahorse to keep it safe while traveling.

  • B464Fb5F01C8Aa799765Dbc5E4C4E5Bb1D98Cc3D

    Muto Multiped


    The Multiped luggage carrier is a required accessory when cycling with an Urban Iki rear child seat, Starfish, or Frog. All accessories are attachable with simple clicks.

  • 7F12Cd351D6149055F6Fdfdda96884D3E617Ca48 1

    Muto Urban Iki Child Seat


    The stylish and comfortable Urban Iki children’s rear seat is a pure treat. Choose from 4 colors to match your Muto. Attach it with a simple click. Note: Multiped carrier required.

  • 2Fba7850Ce8160752522Cee36B762Eb3Bd198Fa6

    Muto Blowfish Bag


    The ideal gym bag! Put in whatever the day might ask from you: clothes, phones, keys, bananas… you name it. The perfect buddy for the Chameleon L to prevent a sweaty back.

  • Cdee0E8A5B9E5B9D9302Aba4Be6De66Ac1Cee768 1

    Muto Basket Chameleon L


    This sturdy, multi-functional black carrier allows you to bring a wide variety of objects to your life. Combine it with the Blowfish bag, designed to fit perfectly in this carrier.

  • 28423Ce34Dec827A0Dbc6A87B2E8Feadfe902776

    Muto eBike Universal Phone Holder


    Attach to handlebars and keep your phone steady while the navigator tells you the way. It’s a safe, comfortable solution when in need of directions. Compatible with any phone.

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