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Muto e-Bike: TNW Gadget Review

Muto’s ebike is a wonderfully simple and adaptable ride that’s fit for life about town.

For those of you who didn’t see, TNW recently reviewed the Muto E-bike in their blog ‘Riding Nerdy’. In the article, they delved deep into the mechanics and riding experience of the Muto to uncover “a wonderfully simple and adaptable ride that’s fit for life about town”.

The Review

The TNW reviewers were given one week the Muto, during which time they tested the e-bike on city streets, and daily commuting.

“When e-bike startup Muto got in touch to tell us about their debut machine, also called the Muto, I jumped at the chance to use it as my daily commuter for a week — and boy I’m glad that I did.”

Testing the build

During the review of the Muto, writer Matthew Beedham discovered that the build of the Muto was slightly different than that of normal Bicycles. However, like so many people who enjoy the Muto, he found the Muto durable and intuitive.

” A clean looking frame with no visible welds. What’s more, when welded alloy frames fail, it tends to happen around tube joints and welds. In other words, I’m confident the Muto frame will withstand the rigors of abuse and life about town for many years to come.”


City Riding

The ‘E’ in E-Bike

As well as safety, Matthew also takes a closer look into the electrical mechanics of the Muto. Considering the speed, brake systems and belt drive system as well as the overall daily usability of the bike.

“The Muto is refreshingly well-equipped. It has 8-speed Shimano Nexus hub gears which require virtually no maintenance and operate flawlessly. The faultless hydraulic disc brakes, an absolute must for consistent year-round braking when fully loaded, are also supplied by the Japanese cycling giant.”


Easy Riding

The TNW review covers all aspects of the Muto E-Bike, with the understanding that users not only want to know more about electrical features but also want to know how the Muto stands up against other bicycles. Muto prides themselves in delivering a great user experience for its riders. Here’s what Matthew had to say…

“The motor’ power delivery is smooth and progressive, there was no unexpected jerking or surging. Coupled to the big tires, the whole thing rides with a planted yet cloud like feeling. Coasting effortlessly over pavement, cobbles, tarmac, and whatever else lay in its path.”


During the review of the Muto, TNW reviewer, Matthew also tested the added extras that the Muto offers. Designed for daily use, the Muto has a basket designed for riders who need to take items along for the ride. This may be workers who require laptops or people who cycle when carrying out tasks such as shopping.


“With the large rear basket, the Muto was easily able to carry my laptop, sports kit, and racket without hassle. When I wanted to pop around town a day later, I took off the basket for a more refined appearance and to remove some bulk.”


This review also talks about the pricing of the Muto and how the cost of the bike competes against other electric bikes on the market. The Muto E-bike not only competes in deliverables and performance but is also made cost-effective and affordable for riders.

“A competitive price for such a well-built and equipped machine. So much so, it’s the ebike I’d recommend to people looking for something simple, to the point, reliable, and capable of carrying tonnes of luggage.”

Read More

The TNW review carefully considers all aspects of riding a Muto and delivers its findings in a well written and interesting article that you’re sure to enjoy.

To read the full review an learn more about the performance of the Muto E-Bike, check out the link below:



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