Muto Extra Battery

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Double the capacity, double the pleasure. An extra battery for longer distances and for those who want to explore the city. Combine it with the Seahorse to keep it safe while traveling.

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Tech specs

technical specifications

Ideal for on the go

252 Wh, 7 Ah, 36V

Charging time
3.5 hours to 100%, 2.5 hours to 80%

1.8 kg

Double range
Adds 70 km electric support

Length 33 cm x width 6.5 cm x depth 6.5 cm

Maximum speed
25 km/h (15.5 m/h)

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5 reviews for Muto Extra Battery

  1. Avatar Of Les


    definitely need this for the longer journeys

    Colour: Blue x 1
  2. Avatar Of Ash


    very compact and easy to carry

    Colour: Grey x 1
  3. Avatar Of Holly


    its nice to have a spare battery instead of having to worry about losing charge mid-travel

    Colour: Black x 1
  4. Avatar Of Mason


    its nice to mix and match the colour of the bike

    Colour: Grey x 1
  5. Avatar Of Candyce


    very easy to charge up when i go into the office

    Colour: Blue x 1
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