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Niu N Series Featured In Black

NIU N-Series Mopeds are fun and reliable. Charging is quick and affordable so you can save money on travel. The NIU mopeds are 100% electric making them more environmentally friendly.

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  • Niu Nqigts Sport Electric Bike

    NIU NQiGTS Sport

    The NQi GTS Sport see the hugely popular NQi GT Pro fitted with slighter smaller batteries offering a faster charge time.

    • 45mph
    • 65mi Range
    • 3.5 – 6Hr Recharge
    • CBT Licence Minimum


  • Niu Nqi Pro Electric Scooter

    NIU NQi Pro

    The NQi Pro Series is an upgraded version of the NQi Sport. Unlike the Sport it uses two state of the art lithium-ion battery packs.

    • 30mph
    • 96mi Range
    • 4 – 7 hr Recharge
    • AM Licence Minimum
  • Nqigt Cargo –  Delivery Moped

    NQiGT Cargo – Extended Range

    Electric mopeds offer huge savings over petrol equivalents, with no tax or emissions fees to pay, plus a 90% saving on petrol per mile! at less than 1p per mile.

    • 43mph
    • 77mi Range
    • 5.5hr Recharge
    • CBT Licence Minimum
  • Niu Nqi Sport Electric Scooter Profile Pic

    NIU NQi Sport

    Re-inventing the future of urban exploration requires a deep understanding of lithium-ion technology. – lightweight, efficient, and dependable.

    • 30mph
    • 53mi Range
    • 8hr Recharge
    • AM Licence Minimum
  • Niu Nqigts Pro Electric Bike

    NIU NQiGTS Pro

    The NIU NGT has three unique driving modes (SPORT, DYNAMIC, and E-SAVE). We have created a scooter that lets you ride faster and further in your city.

    • 45mph
    • 83mi Range
    • 4 – 7hr Recharge

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