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NIU NQi Sport

Limited Stock - 50cc


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The NQi SPORT uses state of the art 29Ah lithium-ion batteries that fully charge in just six hours.

The batteries provide the rider with up to 45 miles and due to the BOSCH Motor, the rider also enjoys increased acceleration.

The step-through design makes mounting and dismounting the scooter easy and much quicker. With a simple design, this NIU delivers both style and substance.

The NIU Smart App connects you to the cloud-based system enabling GPS tracking and security alerts.

  • 28 mph (50cc)
  • 53mi Range
  • 8hr Recharge
  • AM Licence Minimum

EcoMove Finance

We are pleased to offer finance our range of electric bikes. We’ve partnered with vehicle finance experts Close Brothers to allow you flexible finance on your new NIU moped.

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Breakthrough In Power Management

Not only does the EBS make your ride more safe, it also recycles energy back into the system. On average the EBS provides an additional 6% of battery power, or 4km of riding range.

Niu Performance N Series
Niu Battery

60 miles

Extended Urban Range

Niu Electric Motorbike


Maximum Torque

Niu Electric Accumulator


Maximum Power

Niu Electric Moped Break

Dual Hydralic Disc Brakes

Braking distance reduced by more than 50%

Bosch Icon


Performance and power at the core


Impossibly Light. Extended Range.

The freedom to explore the city around you starts with the NIU Battery pack that utilizes Panasonic lithium-ion battery cells. We’ve been able to pack 29Ah of storage into a battery that weighs just 10kg (22lbs). At the heart of the NQi Sport is an automobile inspired Battery Management System (BMS) that regulates power consumption and ensures your safety.

Our NIU 2 Year Guarantee also covers the battery pack.

Niu N Series Battery Transport
Niu Batteries Icon


Compact Capacity

Niu Light Weight


Impossibly Light

Niu Electric Clock


Recharging Time

Niu Dual Battery Fully Charged

Intelligent Battery

170 Cells – Acting As One

Niu Dual Plug Charging

10Sec Change.

Unlock. Lift. Go.

Niu Power Icon

Lightning Fast Charging

A light night of sleep, and your battery is fully recharged.

Niu Anti Shock

Overcharge Protection

Niu Battery Damage

Over-discharge Protection

Niu Power Surge Protection

Short Circuit Protection

Niu Resisit Icon

Overcurrent Protection

Niu Heat Resistant

Temperature Protection

Niu Power Balance

Voltage Equalization

Niu N Series Dual Battery

Engineered for Performance

Re-inventing the future of urban exploration requires a deep understanding of lithium-ion technology. We have tapped into the tried and tested 18650 series of lithium-ion batteries and adapted the technology to the needs of two-wheeled urban transportation – lightweight, efficient, and dependable.

We have taken 170 battery cells and connected them in parallel to create a robust 29Ah core battery pack. Furthermore, we have adopted PTC technology which compartmentalizes each cell, so if one cell goes awry it doesn’t compromise the performance of the entire battery pack.



The new NIU Smart Dashboard displays different colors for different riding modes, speeds, and vehicle diagnostics to give you a clear picture of how your scooter is performing.

N Series Design Niu
Niu N Series Bike Storage
N Series Niu Led Lighting
Niu N Series Design Moped

A mode for every driving condition

Mode 1: Energy saving to extend driving range
Mode 2: Optimized for speed and driving range
Mode 3: For drivers who are seeking speed over range

Niun Series Design Collab



The NIU Cloud ECU has been upgraded to our next generation version 3.0 telematics controller. As the brain of the vehicle, it monitors, collects and analyzes vehicle information dozens of times per minute. This lets you remotely monitor the vehicle diagnostics and GPS anti-theft system. Plus, its OTA features allows you to wirelessly upgrade your scooter’s software without having to bring it into a service station.

Niu Electric Moped Ecu
Niu Electric Scooter Sensor

32 Sensors

Simultaneous Interconnection

Quick Service Icon

200 Times/Min

Vehicle Diagnostics

Niu Electric Scooter Wireless Internet


Wireless Software Upgrade



The NIU Cloud ECU’s powerful data capabilities let you check 17 different vehicle statuses like location, riding history, vehicle status, and power statistics in real-time on the mobile app. You also get access to vehicle diagnostics, anti-theft alerts, and after-sales service.

Niu N Series App
Niu Electric Moped Break Lock

EBS Energy Recovery System

Converts the braking energy into battery power.

Niu Electric Moped Led Icon

LED Halo Headlamp

LED Integrated CCFL Lamp Structure.

Niu Electric Moped Indicator Icon

Auto-Off Indicators

Hands-free Indicators

Niu Electric Moped Key Lock


Find your NIU instantly.



After registering your NIU through our app, any movement of the vehicle will trigger alarms on the scooter and send alerts to your phone. With a precise GPS location, you can see exactly where your scooter is at any time with just one tap.

Niu N Series Safety
Niu Electric Moped Light


Brighter, Safer, Stronger

Niu Electric Moped Break

CBS Braking

Safe braking at high speeds

Niu Electric Moped Water Proof


Automotive-grade waterproof components

Additional information


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Top Speed

Top Range

Charge Time



Front Tyre

Rear Tyre

Seating Capacity

Dual Battery


Fast Charging

Battery Type

Continuous Power

Load Capacity

App Connected

Seat Height

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  1. Avatar Of Aadarsh


    My first time using an NIU moped… I can firmly say I am happy I made the switch.

  2. Avatar Of Kai


    Was a logical choice as I am aware of the eco-impact my commute has. Love this alternative to my car, really solid build quality.

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