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NQiGTS Cargo – Extended Range

2022 Model


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Electric mopeds offer huge savings over petrol equivalents, with no tax or emissions fees to pay, plus a 90% saving on petrol per mile! at less than 1p per mile.

  • 50mph
  • 56mi Range
  • 7hr Recharge
  • CBT Licence Minimum

Niu Nqi Cargo Electric Delivery Moped
Overview Niu Nqi Cargo Electric Delivery Moped
Highlights Niu Nqi Cargo Electric Delivery Moped

If you’re looking for a tax-free, reliable and cheap to run electric delivery bike then look no further.

The NIU NQiGTS Cargo is a more powerful version of the popular NQi Cargo.

Fitted with dual batteries, it has double the range of the standard model. A side bumper protects from all those knocks and scrapes that come with heavy usage. The industrial-grade rear rack carries up to 50KG and can be fitted with a top box, but has been left “blank” for your custom solution.

The more powerful Bosch 4600W motor gives a top speed of 50mph and up to 56 miles range. The removable batteries support dual charging, taking between 7 hours for a full charge.

Ideal for Deliveroo, Just Eat or any take away application, as well as last-mile deliveries for couriers etc. We deliver all bikes fully registered for your business and offer regular servicing packages.

Electric mopeds offer huge savings over petrol equivalents, with no tax or emissions fees to pay, plus a 90% saving on petrol per mile! at less than 1p per mile.

Top Box not included – contact for pricing and custom branding.

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The Perfect Electric Delivery Bike

The NQiGTS Cargo is a made-for-delivery single-seat L3e (125cc equivalent) electric moped. It uses two state of the art 35ah lithium-ion battery packs by Panasonic with a three-year warranty (in the UK).

With the rear part of the seat removed, this enables a better centre of gravity for the delivery/top box and heavy loads. It still has a 4600w rated motor and has a top speed of about 50mph and with the second battery gives an estimated range of about 56 miles which is ideal for most delivery shifts.

The bike comes with extra protection on the rear side panel and front corners to help protect the bike from the inevitable bumps and scrapes. The rear cargo rack is also included.

NIU teamed up with BOSCH to build an ultra-efficient and smart motor to bring e-scooters into the future. At the centre of this collaboration is the NIU developed Field-Oriented Control system, that we customised for the 4600w BOSCH motor to optimise power consumption. Niu coupled the FOC optimised motor with an EBS dual brake system to recycle power back into the system. When you’re braking, you’re recharging.

To enhance overall vehicle performance, the Electric Brake System (EBS) and FOC optimise power conservation and output, effectively recycling power during certain periods of braking and limiting power output during select periods of acceleration. NIU has been able to reduce braking distances by up to 60% and recycle 6% of the battery capacity back into the system through our intelligent braking system.

The iconic halo LED headlamp provides an ultra-wide arc of light for improved vision and safety at night. Additionally, Niu have employed a TechnoLED lamp structure that seamlessly integrates a rear light, turning indicators, brake light, and license plate lamp. The structure is both unique to NIU, and more importantly provides added visibility for night driving.

From battery monitoring, theft protection with real-time tracking, ride history, the NIU app keeps you connected and up-to-date with the whereabouts and health of your Niu

Additional features include a bag hook and a USB charging point. Optional accessories include a protective screen and we can supply a large range of top boxes from SHAD or Givi or a pizza-style box can be fitted.


The Cloud ECU’s data powers a full suite of insights in the palm of your hand. With a few taps you can perform a quick status check or quickly locate your e-moped in real time. Download the app and use the demo version to learn more.

Nqi Gts Phone App 1

Usage Date and Information

Nqi Gts Phone App 2

In-App Unauthorised Movement Notifications

Nqi Gts Phone App 3

Real-Time Location Of Your NIU

Nqi Gts Phone App 4

Troubleshooting and Updates



Slip through winding city streets or cruise down major boulevards with ease. In SPORT mode, the NIU NQiGTS Cargo’s top speed is 50 mp/h, making urban travel faster than ever.

Niu Performance On Dual Carrigeway
Niu E Save Mode


For longer distances.

Niu Dynamic Mode


For distance and speed.

Niu Sport Mode


For performance.

Niu Suspension Icon

Hydraulic Shocks

Front and Rear Adjustable and reactive

Niu Speed Icon

Cruise Control

Ride in comfort



The NQiGTS Cargo has two removable 35 Ah lithium batteries made by Panasonic. The batteries are of the same type as the batteries in the Tesla Model S. NIU offers 2 years warranty on the batteries.

Niu Sport Mode


Maximum speed and performance

Niu Dynamic Mode


Perfect for everyday use

Niu E Save Mode


Longer range, greater efficiency

Niu Dual Battery Fully Charged

Dual Battery

2100Wh x 2

Niu Dual Plug Charging

Dual Charger

Simultaneous battery charging

Niu Power Icon

Lightning Fast Charging

Get 100+km of range with a 3.5 hour flash charge.

Niu Resisit Icon

Overcurrent Protection

Niu Anti Shock

Overcharge Protection

Niu Battery Damage

Over-discharge Protection

Niu Battery Saftey Icon

Water Protection

Niu Heat Resistant

Temperature Protection

Niu Power Surge Protection

Broken Wire Protection

Niu Power Surge Protection

Short Circuit Protection

Niu Charge Protect

Fault Protection

Niu Shock Icon


Niu Power Balance

Voltage Equalization

Niu Battery Health

Battery Logs

Niu Dual Battery Icon

Dual Battery Charge

Nqigt Cargo Electric Delivery Bike

In E-SAVE energy-saving mode, the NIU NQiGTS Cargo’s range reaches up to 160km, giving you unlimited urban travel options.

NIU’s proprietary FOC controller dynamically manages the Bosch motor to provide smooth acceleration and an incredible riding experience.

  • LED Battery Level Indicator
  • Weight: 11kg
  • 2 Year Warranty, 5 Year Life Cycle
  • Panasonic 18650 Lithium-ion Battery Cells



The new NIU Smart Dashboard displays different colors for different riding modes, speeds, and vehicle diagnostics to give you a clear picture of how your NIU scooter is performing.


The NIU NQi GTS Cargo gives you more flexibility to cruise the open boulevards of big cities at 70km/h, or toggle down into DYNAMIC mode for slower city traffic.

Niu Electric Moped Design Features



The NQi GTS Cargo is a true smart scooter that connects to a smart phone. Everything from battery monitoring to GPS to ride history, the NIU app keeps the driver connected and up-to-date with the whereabouts and health of the NQi GTS Cargo. The app provides in an anti-theft system that warns the driver when the scooter is moved. With GPS it is possible to track the position of the scooter in real time.

The NQi GTS Cargo has cruise control, parking assistant, a sensor based safety alert system and much more smart features. The scooter has a remote control to locate the scooter in the dark. When pressed, the scooter lights will turn on and the scooter will make a sound.

Niu Electric Moped Ecu
Niu Electric Scooter Sensor

32 Sensors

Simultaneous Interconnection

Quick Service Icon

200 Times/Min

Vehicle Diagnostics

Niu Electric Scooter Wireless Internet


Wireless Software Upgrade



The NIU Cloud ECU’s powerful data capabilities let you check 17 different vehicle statuses like location, riding history, vehicle status, and power statistics in real-time on the mobile app. You also get access to vehicle diagnostics, anti-theft alerts, and after-sales service.

Niu Electric Moped Mobile App
Niu Electric Moped Break Lock

EBS Energy Recovery System

Converts the braking energy into battery power.

Niu Electric Moped Led Icon

LED Halo Headlamp

LED Integrated CCFL Lamp Structure.

Niu Electric Moped Indicator Icon

Auto-Off Indicators

Hands-free Indicators

Niu Electric Moped Key Lock


Find your NIU instantly.



The NQi-Series has received extra attention to safety. The scooter is equipped with an EBS braking system that provides a 50% shorter braking distance than most other scooters. The system also provides in a Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) or regenerative braking in which energy from braking is returned to the battery.

Niu Electric Moped Safety
Niu Electric Moped Light


Brighter, Safer, Stronger

Niu Electric Moped Break

CBS Braking

Safe braking at high speeds

Niu Electric Moped Water Proof


Automotive-grade waterproof components

Additional information

Weight 104 kg
Dimensions 180 × 76 × 119 cm
Top Speed

Top Range

Charge Time




Front Tyre

Rear Tyre

Seating Capacity

Dual Battery


Fast Charging

Battery Type

Continuous Power

Load Capacity

App Connected

4 reviews for NQiGTS Cargo – Extended Range

  1. Avatar Of Patrick


    Very fast delivery… Pun intended.

    1 product
  2. Avatar Of Nicholas


    Bought a few for my companies riders. They love the new bikes and we should start saving some money. The app works really well too, made life a little easier.

    1 product
  3. Avatar Of William


    I really love the bike. Was more expensive than the petrol moped I was looking at but it feels good to be eco-friendly.

    1 product
  4. Avatar Of David


    Bought for work, I went a bit further and bought an extra battery for rotation… the initial cost was high but I am saving a boat load daily. Thanks to the team for answering all my questions.

    1 product
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