Original NIU Windshield (N-Series)

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Only for N-Series models.

Drive more comfortably with the windshield that will keep out the wind. The windshield is made of robust, clear acrylic to offer clarity and strength.

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Easy to install, perfect protection.

The NIU original windshield helps protect the user while riding from insects and other debris that may disturb driving.

Adding an NIU windshield is a relatively inexpensive investment that pays big returns. Regardless of where you ride, you will find that you enjoy riding much more with a new windshield.

The obvious benefit to windshields is that they do what they’re made to do. Namely, they shield you from the wind. This provides a quieter, more comfortable ride. It protects your hearing and it allows you to hear yourself think (or, if you have one, the radio).

However, they also protect you from bugs, rocks, and other debris. Anyone who’s ever been hit in the face by June Bug can tell you it’s no fun. A scooter windshield, if it is manufactured with quality in mind, is designed to take a great deal of punishment from flying debris without being chipped, scratched, or damaged. As you can imagine, it’s a whole lot more comfortable to clean smashed bugs off your windscreen than to clean them off your face.

They also work as great rain barriers. At some point, just about everyone finds themselves caught in a sudden downpour. Not only does excessive rain make the pavement more slippery, it also peppers your face over the handlebars. A windshield gives you something to hide behind while you pilot your way to dryer ground. This is especially helpful if you’re caught in a hailstorm, sleet, or a windstorm in a dusty area.

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    Very well worth the money – amazing quality windshield

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