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Our 10 Best Pros (and Cons) of Electric Bicycles

Electric bicycles have become a huge trend. Not only are they a blast to ride, but an ever-growing range of e-bike options mean you can wind up with a free form of exercise when you’re up for it, or get to work quickly and easily (and much less sweaty!) when needed.

Recently you may have noticed cyclists cruising up steep hills without even breaking a sweat, this is the new world of electric bicycles!

Electric bicycles are quickly being adopted by everyday riders and the wave of e-bikes has just begun.

Electric bikes have become a huge trend. Not only are they a blast to ride, but an ever-growing range of e-bike options mean you can wind up with a free form of exercise when you’re up for it, or get to work quickly and easily (and much less sweaty!) when needed.

We have served many electric bicycle customers within Bristol (a biking city) and have noted the pros and cons of having an electric bike.

We’ve also created a list of bikes that are suitable for different uses and needs. From pedal-assist to throttle (or both!), we’re here to help you decide whether an electric bike is the right choice for your commute.

Mate City Best Electric Bike

Make hills manageable

The battery + electric motor combo makes riding uphill as easy as flats.

Easy for riders with medical conditions

Great for those that experience leg pains or asthma, unlike traditional bikes, e-bikes are easy on the joints.

It is still a way to stay healthy

Despite the riding assistance, daily riding will still offer an overall improvement to your health and fitness.

Great in all weather conditions

Electric bicycles fight the wind which makes it easier to ride in adverse weather conditions.

So much cheaper than running a car

Although maintaining a bike can cost, it’s still cheaper than maintaining a car, this includes fuel consumption, insurance road tax and MOT… not to mention break downs and servicing.

No licence required

No licence is needed to ride an electric bicycle. Making it as convenient as “buy and ride”.

More eco-friendly than motorbikes

Being environmentally friendly means that there is less pollution. Great for you, great for the planet.

Surprisingly fast charging times

You can charge your electric bicycle from a normal socket which costs pennies, unlike fuel which costs pounds. Being able to charge your bicycle on any 3 pin wall adapter means you can charge up anywhere.

They are often more secure than traditional bicycles

Electric bicycles are harder to steal as they are heavier and some of them require a key for them to be operated. The batteries are also easily removed and many are foldable, allowing you to run the chain through multiple parts of the frame.

They make your commute fast and simple

Cruise through all the peak time traffic at a constant max speed of 15.5mph (bikes are limited to this speed for legal reasons). Often electric bicycles can be de-restricted for off-road use.

You Shouldnt Repair Ebike Battery

… and a few cons

More expensive than traditional bicycles

A non-trash electric bicycle usually starts at around £1000, which can be double the price of an entry-level bicycle. So, it is important to tally up costs and decide if you’ll be using it often enough to justify the extra.

The weight of an electric bicycle

Electric bicycles can be heavy, often weighing almost 50 pounds, which makes them harder to store and to pedal uphill if your bike runs out of battery. This is a rule of thumb of course, we have a whippet electric bicycle that weighs no more than 30 pounds.

Battery replacements can be costly

One of the most costly parts of any electric bicycle is the battery, often a battery replacement can be 10 – 20% of the total cost of the electric bicycle. It should be noted that quality electric bicycle companies go through great pains to ensure the longevity of their batteries and offer healthy warranties.

Maintenance costs

Bicycles need to be taken care of for a long healthy life. Apart from general upkeep such as greasing the chains, some services can be more expensive, such as replacing motors, batteries and controllers.

Pedalling is still required

Having a throttle on an electric bicycle is not road legal, some bikes like our Ampere Delux, have removable throttles but for the most part some “leg work” is required.

The general consensus is that electric bikes are the future!

Also called ‘E-bikes’ (power bikes or booster bikes), it might be the biggest adoption of green transportation of the decade. ‘cycling is already green’ you may say, but it’s more than that. Think about them in place of small petrol scooters rather than normal bicycles. E-bikes use rechargeable batteries that can travel up to 25 to 45 km/h, much faster than most people would cycle, getting you to your destination quicker and in better shape. In a nutshell they offer low cost, energy-efficient, and emission-free transportation which also has physical and health benefits.

Heck, even government supports the movement with affordability programmes like their cycle to work scheme.

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Which Electric Bike is Right for you?

It’s our mission at EoMove to help you find the right electric bike for you. Whether it’s a physical demand that you face or a challenging journey, we’ve got the ultimate guide to help you find the perfect wheels. We’ve chosen categories based on the demands we find are most common among our customers. So with out further a do, lets dive in.

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