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Portable Docking Station BLACK/WHITE


Compatible with Gocycle G2, G3, G3C and GS models only.

The Gocycle Docking Station is a travel case that has been designed to store, transport and protect a Gocycle G2, G3, G3C and GS when not in use. It is not designed for shipping, or for air travel.

The Gocycle Docking Station is not compatible with the G1, G3+, GX, GXi, G4, G4i or G4i+ models.

– A clean and moulded deck design for intuitive stowing of the Gocycle.
– Four caster-wheel base it offers effortless transport.
– A durable and protective zip fastened cover.
– External zipped pocket for storing accessories

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    KKL 4374 3634 01 2

    Portable Docking Station BLACK/WHITE