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Pure Free City – Step Through


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  • Relaxed, upright position for comfortable riding
  • Up to 28 miles / 45km tested assisted range, perfect for urban commuting and leisure riding
  • 250W rear wheel hub motor system with three assistance settings (15, 20 and 25km/h cut-offs)
  • 6-hour charge time, 80% charge in just 4.5 hours
  • Rack-mounted battery
  • 7-speed Shimano Tourney™️ gearing for easy hill climbing
  • Comfortable Selle Royal saddle, built-in kickstand and ergonomic handlebar grips
  • Intuitive handlebar-mounted control unit
  • Pure Free City aluminium alloy frame
  • Fitted with mudguards and chainguard for protection from road spray and oil marks
  • CST 38mm tyres for all-weather grip
  • One year warranty against manufacturers defects
  • Weighs approximately 21kg


Perfect for the Urban Commute

The Pure Free City Low-Step Hybrid E-Bike is perfect for urban commuting and leisure riding, with a medium-large frame size suitable for riders between 5’7-6’2 (173-188cm). Enjoy a comfortable ride with the Selle Royal saddle, built-in kickstand, and ergonomic handlebar grips.

Easily climb hills with the 7-speed Shimano Tourney gearing system, and get the right amount of assistance with the 250W rear wheel hub motor system’s three settings. Charge the bike in just 6 hours, and keep the battery securely mounted on the rear rack.

Stay clean and protected with fitted mudguards and chainguard, and enjoy all-weather grip with the CST 38mm tyres. The e-bike comes fully equipped with front and rear lights, pannier rack, mudguards, kickstand, and chainguard, and weighs approximately 21kg.

Pure Saddle

Comfortable ride

Equipped with Selle Royal saddle, ergonomic handlebar grips, mudguards, chainguard, and CST 38mm tires for all-weather grip.


7-speed Shimano Gears

Sturdy and durable Pure Free City steel frame with 7-speed Shimano Tourney gearing system makes it easy to climb hills.


Fast Charge

28-mile tested assisted range perfect for urban commutes and leisure rides. Charge the bike in just 6 hours with an 80% charge in 4.5 hours.


Powerful Assist

Powerful and efficient 250W rear hub motor system offers 3 settings to get the right amount of assistance.

Blackopenframeinfodetail 1

Upright Riding Position

Comfortable and easy to ride with a relaxed, upright position and low-step frame design.

Lights Included

Fully Equipped

Comes fully equipped with front and rear lights, pannier rack, kickstand, and one-year warranty against manufacturers defects.

City Bicycles

The Most Comfortable Ride

Every inch of the Pure Free City has been carefully curated to give you the most comfortable ride, every time. Powered by a 250W rear hub motor for strong pedal assistance, with a fitted rack battery that lets you ride 28 mile / 45km assisted on one charge. Complete with a high-quality pannier rack, mud and chain guards, integrated lights and a kickstand – all in built into a considered step-through unisex aluminium frame – it’s the last word in hybrid e-bike practicality.

Superb Build Quality

Breeze the journey. Pure Free City brings you superb build quality – designed by experts for comfortable, stress-free travel. Featuring a relaxed rider position, 45km assisted range and 7-speed gearing for easy hill-climbs. Complete with mud guards, chain guards and a pannier rack, so you can commute in pure comfort.

Riding In Comfort
Pure Electric E Bike Range

Easy E-Bike Experience

What’s not to love about the Pure Free City? It’s a hybrid electric bike that delivers comfort, convenience and power. The 250W rear hub motor helps you ride with strong pedal assistance up hills while its fitted rack battery lets go 45km/28mi of assisted travel in one charge!

Everything You Need To Go!

With mudguards protect your shorts from grime captured by those excellent chain guards, but this model stands out with integrated lights for night-riding safety and protected pannier racks.

Urban Cycling

Everyday practicality – Pure Free City is cycling, simplified, but with impressive utility. This comfortable unisex e-bike comes loaded with all the features you need to make getting around on two wheels a true pleasure

The comfortable workhorse – Who needs a second car? Pure Free City is your reliable workhorse for day-to-day use. The ride position is relaxed and stable, with a high handlebar, ergonomic grips and high quality Selle Royal saddle specially chosen to boost comfort.

Stylish and elegant – Pure Free City’s sleek black finish is stylish and elegant, with a timeless low-step alloy frame design that blends classical looks with a modern twist. Perfect for pulling up at work, the local shops or for exploring, Free City blends right in.

Ready for life’s journeys – With a 313Wh capacity, rack-mounted battery, Pure Free City can deliver an assisted range of up to 28mi / 45km. Recharging is easy, with the battery left in place or removed for added security when parked up, fully charging in 6 hours from empty, and up to 80% in just 4.5 hours.

Powered for an effortless ride – Pure Free City provides effortless pedal assistance right when you need it most. The 250W motor is the most powerful fitted to a Pure e-bike to date, so is perfect for stop-start city roads, for accelerating up hills and when the pannier rack is loaded up.

Seven speed gearing – Pure Free City is equipped with 7-speed Shimano Tourney™ gearing, offering true ride flexibility. With an easy twist action right at the handlebar, easily select smaller gears for steep inclines, and bigger gears for faster riding and downhill.

Fully accessorised – Pure Free City comes fitted with everything you need. Mud and chain guards keep you clean, a sturdy kickstand makes for easy parking, while a pannier rack adds the ability to fit luggage bags and built-in lights boost visibility.

See and be seen – Pure Free City features built-in powerful LED lights. Easily switched on and off via the handlebar and powered by the on-board battery, the front light shines a path ahead, while the rear light improves rearward visibility to other road users.

Always in control – Pure Free City is designed to put you in control of your ride. High-quality CST 38mm tyres provide excellent grip, with a tread pattern that’s ideal for ever-changing road conditions, while the ride position also produces a confident, smooth ride.

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