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Quad Lock – Quick Release Strap Mount


  • Patented Dual-Stage Lock
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Mounts on handlebar sizes from 20mm (0.79″) to 38mm (1.5″)
  • Compatible with all Quad Lock® cases and Universal Adaptors

Make life easier with the Quad Lock® Quick Release Strap Mount

Secure Mounting

Using our patented dual-stage lock, your phone will stay secure on your golf buggy/cart or stroller/pram

Quick to attach / detach

Easy on, easy off. Simply twist and lock to view apps like Golfshot, MiScore and more on the golf course. Detach your smartphone just as easily so you don’t miss a photo opportunity or call. It’s all in the technique, not the force


The textured anti-slip polyurethane strap means there are no tools required and you can secure your Quick Release Strap Mount to a variety of handles

Please Note
Hex Key not included


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